The Chad speaks

CLEMSON - For the first time since the South Carolina game, Chad Morris was made available to interview.

Morris: Y'all had me leaving. Even our players, they had me leaving. I think that says a lot about our program. Like I shared with our players, I would hope that they would give me the respect that I would let them know, personally, that I was going to be leaving, instead of just assuming I was leaving. I think it says a lot about what we're doing. To have someone call you, as you would do, everybody had me interviewing several times. A phone call asking interest and talking over the telephone is not considered an interview, by some standards. It leaks out that people call, just inquiring and talking, it turns into a full-fledged interview.

I'm flattered. We've been extremely successful. It says a lot about Clemson and what we're tring to do. With all that being said, it's been a week of ups and downs with making sure our players are focused. That's the No. 1 objective. We're extremely happy here in Clemson. Clemson has been very committed to winning. Because of that, one of these days, if that day ever comes, I don't judge being successful by being a head coach. That's something I'm not going to do. As I look at my career and the career we've tried to establish, if it happens, it happens. But it has to be the right fit, just as you would do if Sports Illustrated called you and said, 'Hey, we would like for you to come and visit or we would like to talk to you.' You would at least listen. 'What do you have to offer?' And it may not be the right fit.

We've got a great thing going here, not a good thing going here, but a great thing. If that opportunity ever presents itself, and it's the right fit, we'll go to the next step. Until then, we are extremely excited about what we have here and what we have coming back, and the direction of this program.

Your comments make it sound like you told Texas Tech you weren't interested.
Morris: No, it wasn't the right time or the right fit. We talked, as y'all all knew. We visited on Tuesday. Had a great visit, lot of things had to go back and talk about, to see if it was the right fit for Texas Tech and whether it was the right fit for Chad Morris and his family, and it didn't materialize, so you take the next step and you move forward.

Do you consider that your only job interview?
Morris: No, absolutely not.

How nice is it to get this behind you and just focus on LSU?
Morris: It goes through an exhausting process, and up and down process of a lot of decisions. When you make decisions like this, you make the decision, not just based on your family, but there are a lot of things that come into play, a lot of other players and families that come into play.

And is there a commitment to winning? If it is, and you're a fit for them and they're a fit for you, there's a great commitment there to win, and you feel like you can go and do it. One thing I know about this business, you get one shot at it. I'm going to get one shot. I'm going to give the shot where I feel like it's on my terms. And that way, if it didn't work out, I had every resource that I had to make it happen.

It's more than your salary, you're looking at a lot of issues, right? Resources that you would need to do a good job.
Morris: It has nothing to do with money, at this stage. From a head coach's salary, that's not it. It's not about that. It's about whether or not, have they won in the past? What is the commitment level to winning?

There's got to be a commitment from a support staff, to a fan-base that is hungry to win, just so many variables that play into a decision you make. You get one opportunity to do this. You want to make sure it's in a place that you can be successful, a place that you can win, a place that you can make an impact. That's how I perceive things.

So you plan to be back next season?
Morris: I'm back. I'm telling you, I'm back. Like I told these players I'm back in Clemson. I never left. Y'all had me leaving. I never left. I'm here in Clemson.

On Texas Tech's direction...
Morris: Kliff [Kingsbury] will do a great job. He's from there. That's what that fan base needed. No ill will. I wish him the best of luck. Top Stories