Assessing Boyd's upcoming decision

CLEMSON - Offensive coordinator Chad Morris weighs in with his take on Tajh Boyd and the upcoming decision he'll have to make.

Thursday's interview is the last time Morris will meet with the media before the team breaks for Christmas.

The second-year offensive coordinator spoke about a number of topics, including Boyd, bowl practice and LSU.

The following is an edited transcript of Thursday's interview.

Will the physical practices taper off after you guys leave here?
Morris: I still think you've got to get to the bowl site. You've got to get locked in there, at the bowl site. We've had some really intense workouts, really strained them, which they need. We've had some physical workouts. That's exactly what we need at this point in time. When we get to the bowl site, we'll have a day or two of that, as well…this ball game is going to come down to a physical battle. We're going to have to play extremely physical, really good workouts. I've been pleased with the way they've responded. We had a day when we didn't have a really good workout and they responded back the very next day, which was good.

How important is it going to be to run the football, to take the pressure off the passing game?
Morris: I think we've got to do what we do. Any game we go in to, running the football, it definitely opens everything up. We've got to run the football. When you look at when we're at our best, we do a good job of mixing it up. That's something to be said, if they make you one dimensional, the favor is with the defense at that point.

Given the development of Tajh, how much of the playbook are you into, a percentage?
Morris: I think we're about 80-85 percent into it. [Tajh Boyd] is an All-American, we stress that to him. You are a first-team All-American. You're going to have to play like it, prepare like it. It's no fluke. They just don't give those away. You've played well enough to earn that. How much can we put on him? I think we can put some stuff on him, I really do. As we go, and work into spring ball, we'll see more and more added to his play.

What does he need to do to improve his game?
Morris: I think, reading the defenses. He had a huge improvement from year one to year two in this system in reading defenses. Now, going from year two to year three, the offseason, I think that's an area he can always improve in.

How much of getting that last 15-20 percent of the playbook in is just getting the right kinds of personnel in?
Morris: Yeah, just getting the right puzzle pieces in place. There's no doubt.

How much do you think Boyd could improve his draft stock by coming back another year?
Morris: I don't know where he's projected and all that. I think he's a first round guy. Whether it's this year, I think it would be next year. I think he could definitely improve his draft stock. Obviously, those are things he and his family have to talk about. He and I will talk about. I think he and I have an unbelievable relationship, and my opinion would matter to him. He's got to do what's best for his family. I honestly feel the improvement we saw from year one to year two in this system, going to year three; I think he can only improve. Top Stories