VIDEO: Brownell after S.C. State

CLEMSON - Brad Brownell meets with the media after Sunday's 77-41 win over S.C. State.

Brownell: A good bounce back game for our guys. Certainly, we have more talent than South Carolina State. They've been traveling, so we certainly caught them at a good time, but I thought our guys approached the game the right way. We've had some good practices and some demanding practices the last couple of days. I think, some of the things we tried to work on, it was good to see today. I thought we moved the ball well. Made a few shots. I was really glad to see Damarcus [Harrison] shoot the ball better. He and I have been working on his shot a little bit here the last couple of weeks. It was good to see him play well and play with confidence, give us another offensive threat. I thought our guys played pretty well from the start. Even though we got behind, I thought they made a couple of guarded shots. Just kept pushing tempo a little bit, play a little faster and it was good to see us play a clean game. In games like that, a game can get loose, and there can be a lot of bad turnovers and those kinds of things. I thought we did a great job of having a business-like approach, especially when we got control of the game.

What were you doing with Damarcus' shot?
Brownell: I think he gets the ball back a little too far behind his head, so we've been trying to keep his shoulder forward and shoot the ball a little more in front. He's got a high arc to his shot. He has a good release point. He can just sometimes get a little lazy with it and get it behind him, so we just tried to bring it down in front. It's not easy to work on things like that during the season, but it's certainly something we feel like we needed to do, and we made progress.

How has the transition been for him?
Brownell: I think it's easy to forget this is his…freshman year at Clemson. Systematically, there are things that are different [from BYU]. He's trying to process a lot of things, as well. And it's frustrating when you're not shooting the ball like he can. He's been good about it with his attitude. He shows glimpses of things. He had six assists today. You don't even think about that.

Twenty-two assists, you've got to be pleased with the ball distribution there.
Brownell: Yeah, it shows unselfishness, which is good. A game like this, it can get loose. Guys can try to get a little wild or try to do things too much 1-on-1, or they try to do things for their teammates and get sloppy. We didn't do that. I was really pleased with that. Rod [Hall] had another great game, in terms of assists and no turnovers.

Is this a team that's offensive rhythm is generated by it's defense?
font color=#FF6600>Brownell: Sometimes, a little bit, I think it can help us. We're not a full-court pressing team on a regular basis. We'll do it every now and then, especially in a game like today, to give us a little life, when we got off to a slow start. We also knew that it was going to be harder for South Carolina State. There were times when they broke it, but they didn't really go attack. When you play better teams, and you press them like that, they go attack you and score. So, when we kind of got the lead, we went away from it. Just went back to playing regular defense. I thought our regular defense was pretty good, as well.

What's the schedule like after today?
font color=#FF6600>Brownell: We're coming back [from Christmas break] the night of the 27th, probably have a meal, might do some light shooting, something of that nature. We'll come back on the 28th and start practicing pretty regular, a couple of times a day for the first couple of days. Top Stories