Recruits react to bowl win

In the only football game on TV on Monday night, Clemson pulled off an impressive win over LSU in the Chick-fil-A Bowl.

Less than 24 hours later, caught up with several highly recruited prospects for their reaction.


"It was a great win for them. Shows where the program is and the future potential for it. It shows that ACC schools can play with SEC schools. They're not invincible." - Korrin Wiggins

"Man, how about them Tigers? Great win. I can't say enough about it. It's a great win, great for our program, a huge boost to our program. I'm glad I committed there." - Dane Rogers

"I was there at the Dome to watch, and that win really set our momentum for next year." - Wayne Gallman

"It was great." - Ebenezer Ogundeko

"The D stepped up and got a lot of big stops. [Tajh] Boyd and Nuk [Hopkins] made some big plays on that last drive to win the game." - Mike Williams

"Yes, I watched it, great game. Clemson showed tons of toughness both mentally and physically." - Adrian Baker

"It was a good defensive game from both teams. Tajh, Nuk and [Malliciah] Goodman had good games." - Shaquille Lawson

"It was great." - Montravius Adams


"That was a great win for Clemson and for the ACC. Clemson proved that all that ACC/SEC ain't nothing but a matter of opinion. They played good on defense and the offense finished it." - Kevin Crosby

"I thought the Clemson and LSU game was amazing. I knew Clemson would show up while I'm sure many others thought they were going to get blown out. Tajh Boyd and Nuk Hopkins came to play and the Clemson D did pretty good, as well. That is definitely a huge win for them." - Darin Smalls

"At first I thought Clemson was not going to win because LSU was better. But Clemson shocked LSU fans and the team. Tajh Boyd just outsmarted LSU's defense and found a way to score." - Kwamelle Barnes

"Of course I watched it. It was a great win for them and it was very exciting to watch." - Jefferie Gibson

"It was a great game and a great win for the program." - Johnathan Lloyd

"It was a good win for them." - Jeremy Patterson

"Great game, great win, and if they would have played like that all year, they could've been undefeated." - Jeb Blazevich

"I knew they would win." - Demarre Kitt

"Crazy win. What a great game. Great to see Clemson compete the way they did." - Korie Rogers

"I didn't catch any of it, I was with family…everybody was saying they didn't have a chance, but it was impressive, them beating LSU and everything." - Blake Bone

"It was a good win for them." - Johnny Dwight

"Heck of a game." - Milan Richard

"I thought it was a great game played by Clemson and good because they never gave up and played for all four quarters." - Dylan Sumner-Gardner


"Yes, sir. Great game." - Shy Tuttle

"It was a good game. They kept fighting, never gave up and pulled off an impressive win." - Freddie Phillips Top Stories