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CLEMSON - Through much of the first half of Saturday's loss to Florida State, Clemson was victim to a vicious cycle of events.

The Tigers trailed by as much as 15 and suffered through a drought of almost seven minutes that saw them go without a made field goal.

Meanwhile, the Seminoles were making shots, lots of shots. Florida State hit 6 of 13 from behind the 3-point line and 50 percent from the field in the first half.

"The problem is, when you're struggling a little bit on offense, and they score, you're always going against 5-on-5," Brad Brownell said. "You never get any transition baskets; you never get any advantage situations, so you're constantly going against their set defense.

"Then, if you don't score, you're in transition defense and it becomes a cycle. In the first half, it was a problem."

After the first 20 minutes, Clemson trailed 38-25.

"I don't know why we've gotten off to poor starts at home in some of these games," Brownell said "It's really cost us. Just had a hard time scoring in some of these games at home."

In the second half…

"We tried to get better ball reversal and get into the offense with more pace. We got a few stops, so we were able to transition into some things. That helped. To be honest, when we needed some stops in the second half -- we cut it to five and six a couple of times -- we didn't get as many stops as we needed. That was disappointing. Our defense did let us down a little bit today when our offense did play better." - Brownell

"I think we settled into the game and starting making some shots. We couldn't overcome their lead." - Jordan Roper

"We just played with more energy. The first half, we really didn't have it. That's why they got us in a deep hole. Ever since then, we were trying to fight out of it." - Devin Booker


"It certainly tries your patience, especially when you shoot like that in the second half during the middle of your run. It's happened to us a couple of times now. We go to the line and get 1 out of 2. In both halves, we got to the bonus early, did some good things attacking the basket to do that, their aggressiveness, to use that against them." - Brownell

Big performance by Booker…

"We played our fannies off on Booker. We really held him down to 19 points and 11 rebounds. Believe me. I was proud of the defensive effort that we gave. That just shows what kind of character he has and what kind of player he is. They do such good jobs of getting him the ball in spots where he can be effective." - Leonard Hamilton

"The guy can't do much more than he did tonight. Had 19 and 11, played 38 minutes. It would have been nice to get him the ball a few more times…he's played well." - Brownell

"I just wanted to give it all I had, go out with a good mindset and get our team the win." - Booker

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