QUOTEBOARD: Clemson 59 UVA 44

CLEMSON - Well aware of what was in store on Saturday against Virginia, Brad Brownell gave his seniors the day off on Thursday.

While the sophomores and freshmen practiced, Devin Booker and Milton Jennings rested.

"I thought they played with great energy today," Brownell said, after the 59-44 win over Virginia.

Jennings, who hit 5 of 8 from behind the 3-point line, finished game highs in points [21] and rebounds [11]. Booker scored 15 and grabbed nine off the glass.

"When we play like that, how can you stop us? Are you going to double me? OK, I'm going to give it to Book. Are you going to double him? He's going to find me or find somebody on the weak side," Jennings said.

The combination certainly makes for a winning formula.

"[Before] we talked about getting Milt some shots," Brownell said. "The guys know that we need to do a better job of looking inside…I think our guys did have the idea that we were going to play inside-out today, and we did."

First ACC win…

"We needed that. We needed it. You can keep playing, but it's hard. It's hard when you're not winning. Momentum builds both ways. This was a significant win. We've been working at it pretty hard, competing." - Brownell

Jennings asserting himself…

"To see Milt play well and have a couple of good things happen, for him to continue to have some juice and some energy, and to talk to our guys, it was significant." - Brownell

"In other games, I've had six or seven shots, wasn't asserting myself, wasn't on the boards. I just haven't made the defense really guard me.

"Coming into today's game, everybody in my ear -- got my family, got my friends, got my coaching staff, my teammates -- I had everybody, all the right people telling me what to do, and it transferred over to the floor." - Jennings

"He is an emotional guy. Every once in a while it can work against him. But it can also be very positive. That was positive, because our guys see him. Our guys respect Milt's knowledge…they're excited to see him compete like that." - Brownell

Matching Booker's intensity…

"We all matched it today…whoever came in the game, we all matched Book's intensity. It transferred over. We all saw the outcome against a great team. I think that's our first one. We've been beating average teams. They're good teams, but when we play somebody as good or a little bit better, we've been giving those games up." - Jennings

Second half message to the crowd…

"I don't do that very often, but our team is working so hard. I'm not on our fans at all, because they have been supportive. We haven't played well, at times, to deserve as much support as we have gotten. That's just one of those things where you are in a fight and it is a possession game and every one is important. I was pleading with our guys to continue to defend, compete and fight.

"We are not a very dynamic offensive tam, so the defensive end is where they can help us out the most. When they are screaming and yelling and making it hard to score, putting some doubt in our opponents and giving our guys some juice…that is when the fans are going to help us the most. I was just encouraging them to stand up and support their guys." - Brownell

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