Cool, calm and collected

CLEMSON - In need of two makes at the charity stripe with the game on the line, Brad Brownell turned to K.J. McDaniels.

Milton Jennings -- arguably the team's best shooter -- was on the bench with five fouls. Brownell called on the high-flying, human highlight reel with less than 20 seconds to play in Tuesday night's 63-60 win over Georgia Tech.

Following Georgia Tech's foul under their basket, McDaniels calmly converted both attempts on the 1-and-1.

"I was just thinking about practice," he said. "After practice, I shoot my 10 free throws in a row. I just imagined no one was there and shot them."

With Devin Booker and Jennings ready for departure after this season, Brownell agreed that McDaniels' clutch shots were important for his long-term development.

"He's still got a long way to go as a player. He certainly has a very good ceiling to play, a bigger ceiling than most," Brownell said.

Four games in nine days

"Personally, I know I was [tired] in the first half. I told coach to take me out in one of the little spurts. I think, during the second half, we caught our second wind. The guys picked us up off the bench in the first half, to help us get back in the game when we were down." - Damarcus Harrison

"I'm exhausted, as I speak now. Tomorrow, I'll come in here and get in the cold tub." - McDaniels

"My legs feel really heavy, like logs. It was hard guarding and chasing people off of screens." - Harrison

Bernard Sullivan off the bench

"Bernard was great tonight. I'm really happy for him. He's been working at it…there's a huge difference in Bernard this year, compared to last year." - Brownell

"Bernard, he was a big factor in the game. Yesterday, we talked about playing time. I told him he was going to get his chance. He got his chance and he showed up." - Harrison

"That's the Bernard I know from high school and everything. I was glad to see him play tonight, and play well, get his first dunk of the season. That was a nice slam he had. I just like to see our guys on the team do well. It's a good thing. I hope he builds off this the rest of the season." - Harrison

"I'm just being patient. I just want to help the team any way that I can." - Sullivan

1st half points off turnovers: 15-5 Clemson

"We hunkered down on defense and got those stops that we needed. We got in transition, that's how we scored, to get back in the game." - Harrison

"It felt great, because the crowd started getting behind us and our confidence just kept rising." - McDaniels Top Stories