Rounding into form

CLEMSON - Damarcus Harrison found himself losing a little bit of confidence with each missed 3-pointer. Before Sunday afternoon, there were plenty of them.

Harrison was in the midst of one of the worst shooting slumps of his basketball career prior to Sunday's career-best performance against Virginia Tech.

He began the New Year 1 of 10 from behind the 3-point line, dropping his percentage from long-range below 20 percent.

"Sometimes, I wouldn't shoot it, because I was shooting so bad," he said, after Tuesday night's win over Georgia Tech. "I just lost all my confidence. I think I'm straight now. I think I'm feeling it again."

On Sunday, Harrison converted on 3 of 7 shots and scored 19 points [6 of 10 from the field].

He followed that up two days later with another solid shooting performance by hitting 2 of 4 from deep against the Yellow Jackets.

"Damarcus has played play well this year -- defensively, he really has," Clemson head coach Brad Brownell said. "Offensively, he has not. It's surprised me, because he's better than that."

Even as he struggled to find his shot from behind the 3-point line, other parts of Harrison's game went unaffected. He continued to do a majority of the other things that Brownell expected to get this season.

"He's a bigger guy, so he can guard different people. Offensively, he's a pretty good passer, pretty good decision maker," Brownell said. "Like I said when we got him, he's one of those guys that can do a little bit of everything.

"He's probably not great at anything, but he can do everything well -- defend, rebound, pass, dribble, make a shot -- he hasn't shot as well, but he's a pretty solid player."

Now, at least for the last two games, Harrison is shooting well -- much closer to the level Brownell had hoped for when he transferred in from BYU.

"I'm just shooting and not thinking about it anymore," Harrison said. "I usually would think about it or force it, try to prove to everybody that I knew I could shoot, therefore I was shooting bad shots.

"I'm just taking good shots now and letting the game come to me. That's the big thing that I've been doing." Top Stories