Brownell assesses Thursday's loss

Less than 12 hours after getting back home from Virginia, Brad Brownell offers his thoughts on the Tigers' 78-41 loss to the Cavaliers.

In typical Brownell fashion, gave an honest assessment of the embarrassing loss.

The following is an edited transcript of Friday afternoon's press conference at Littlejohn Coliseum.

It sounds like it was a long road trip getting back.
Brownell: Yeah. Obviously, to make matters worse, our plane wasn't there. We took the bus back and got home at 5.

Well rested?
Brownell: Yeah, well rested. I'm sure our guys are ready for a spirited practice right now.

Can you elaborate when you say, ‘We weren't well prepared.'?
Brownell: I don't think we prepared very well. I didn't do a good job of preparing them, in terms of dealing with their smaller lineup. We didn't have a lot of time for that. Just, maybe, didn't have some things to help them, offensively, get off to a good start and build confidence. I don't think our players played well. I don't think I coached them well. It's a thing you've got to put behind you now.

That was a surprise, right? [Virginia's starting] lineup?
Brownell: Yeah.

Would you normally have prepared for that, even though you didn't know?
Brownell: Not really as much. They run some motion a couple of different ways. We prepared a lot for the three-man motion-type stuff that they've been running a great deal more. They did a little more five-man stuff. It just had us on our heels a little bit, to be honest, defensively -- more than just about anybody that we've played.

Do you go over this tape a lot?
Brownell: I'm not going to show anything to our guys today -- thought about it, but we really kind of need to put this behind us. I certainly made a lot of notes for myself -- things we could work on. Specifically, I always have to tell them, this is a result of that. Then, obviously, you can bring some guys in a little bit, individually, show them some things. I think we'll do that, for sure. I'm not going to make a lot of this.

Like I said in the post-game, when you have some wins and are playing well, you're probably not that good. You're not as good as you think you are when you're playing really well. You're also not as bad as you are after a bad loss or two. You're somewhere in the middle. You've got to be careful not to overreact one way or the other, change everything just because you had a bad performance. This late in the season, you've got to tweak some things, especially for games when teams play you differently.

We'll try to make the appropriate adjustments for N.C. State, just try to get a better mindset. Our guys need a better mindset. We've got to, somehow, develop more confidence, offensively.

Is it harder to say we're not that bad after a really bad game, as opposed to we're not that good after a really good game?
Brownell: I don't know. That's an interesting way to look at it. When you're winning -- like I said earlier in the year, you've got to be careful when people are telling you that you're doing great, you're wonderful -- this, that and the other…at halftime, I told our guys, ‘This is unacceptable. We're not playing well. I'm the same guy who told you at Duke, when we're down 25-10, hang in there. You're fighting well. You're competing. We're not making shots. But, defensively, we're playing well for the first 20 minutes.' I couldn't say that last night. Last night, we didn't do much of anything well, playing-wise, coaching-wise. So there's a point when you understand that, try to learn from that. But you also can't just dwell on it. You can't mope around here. You've got to get onto the next thing.

The thing about basketball, things come so quickly. We've got to shake a little bit of this off. Somehow, we've got to develop a little bit of confidence. We've got to get a little swagger back. We're a better team than the way we played the last week.

How do you try to develop confidence? It seems like a pretty tricky thing.
Brownell: That's not easy to do. More of it happens in games than it does in practice. Just try to execute things a little better, sharper. We try to show them some things, sometimes, where we've had success. We talk about those things. They don't know how I'm going to come into practice today, like how I'm going to be. Am I going to be screaming and hollering? Or am I going to try to be supportive?

I think there are times when both are appropriate. To be honest with you, that's part of it. I'm certainly going to tell them about some things that I found unacceptable and I'm not happy with, but I'm also going to tell them we're not going to throw the baby out with the bath water. We do some things fine. We've got to move to the next thing. And the next thing is N.C. State. We've got to have a couple of good practice to get ready for that. We'll just try to practice well for two days. That's best thing you can do -- practice well, so you feel like you deserve to win, so you deserve to play well. Top Stories