Brownell: "A very painful loss"

CLEMSON - The first words from Brad Brownell during Sunday's post-game interview succinctly summed up his day at Littlejohn Coliseum.

The following is an edited transcript of Sunday's post-game interview.

Brownell: A very painful loss. I thought our guys competed hard today. They really played well. In certain segments, turn the ball over too much. Unfortunately, didn't make a late free-throw, which could have sealed it. N.C. State hit a good shot.

How proud are you for Jordan Roper?
Brownell: Glad to see him make plays. He's a guy who can score.

How tough is this one, for it being such a young team?
Brownell: It's tough on everyone. Lead the game for most of the game, then walk away a last-second loser. It's tough.

What do you tell the guys in the huddle before their last possession?
Brownell: No 3s. They're probably going to go to [Scott] Wood. Cut down the outside shoulder of him. Be in his numbers for every catch. If they don't do that, they're going to probably try to get [C.J.] Leslie at the top of the key on a drive-iso. Do not help. If he scores, we go to overtime.

What were they doing to keep Roper from scoring in the last 15 minutes?
Brownell: I have to watch the film, he passed up a shot late where we brought him off of a ball screen at the top and he needed to make a shot, make a play and I think he deferred to K.J. [McDaniels], and that's just a little bit of inexperience. Certainly he is an aggressive guy, but I really don't know why he passed up that shot. I'm sure they did a better job of guarding him at the end as opposed to the beginning, so that was part of it."

Why did you go with Adonis Filer and Jordan Roper in the starting lineup today?
Brownell: Damarcus [Harrison] and Rod [Hall] hadn't played very well and they practiced hard the past two days and I thought those two guys outplayed them [Harrison & Hall] and we were coming off a very disappointing performance and I don't think those guys [Harrison & Hall[ merited a start for any reason and then in practice for the past two days those guys [Roper & Filer] were better. Top Stories