Quoteboard: UNC 68 Clemson 59

CLEMSON - For Brad Brownell, the start to Thursday night's game versus North Carolina had a little too much of an AAU feel to it.

"Sometimes, when your offense goes and your making some shots, they're making a few shots, all of sudden there's some rhythm and flow," Brownell said after the 68-59 loss to the Tar Heels. "It kind of feels like a pick-up game or an AAU game where you just kind of guard them a little bit, see if he makes it. They just kind of guard you a little bit, see if you make it. Guys make it, everybody feels good and we jog back to the other end.

"Just see how long we go until the coaches get upset with it. Clearly, I wasn't happy at halftime."

There was plenty for Brownell to be upset about in the locker room.

Trailing UNC 38-24 at the break, the Tar Heels were shooting 47 percent from the field and 40 percent from behind the 3-point line [6 of 15].

What's usually a raucous environment, Littlejohn Coliseum was kept quiet for most of the night.

"That's what offensive execution -- [it] does that on the road. If you can execute on the road, offensively, and make shots -- that's what keeps crowds quiet in a lot of ways," Brownell said.

Big night from Book…

"I got a couple of cheap fouls in the first half and that threw me on the bench. In the second half, I didn't get too many foul calls. I was just playing my game." - Devin Booker

"I think he just took it upon himself to go do more, in terms of offensive rebounding and really attacking." - Brownell

UNC hitting jumpers…

"We were playing D real timid. They were coming up, open, had a bunch of practice jump shots is what we call them – wide-open, one-two rhythm. Nobody was switching up, nobody was talking. We allowed them to get off to a good start, allowed them to hit jump shots." - Jennings

"They certainly had a few clean looks. They also hit a few [contested]…they've got different guys that can make a shot...there's a lot of guys there to guard. There just are. That's why they're good and why they can score."

Turnovers on four consecutive second half trips…

"It was terrible. Adonis [Filer] one time just went and broke a play off. He said he had it. It's just different for these guys, especially the two freshmen. The two freshmen think they can just go and make a play. You might do that once, but you're not doing that consistently in a half-court grind, to just break things off and try something." - Brownell

"In high school, you can get away with a jump pass. You're not getting away with a jump pass in college. The guards just played undisciplined. That's uncharacteristic of them, in all honesty." - Jennings

K.J. McDaniels' sprained ankle…

"He's walking in a boot right now. I haven't talked to the trainers since before the game. They told me he was out. The swelling is better. It really swelled up right away. They got that taken care of pretty well. I don't think they'll have any idea until tomorrow." - Brownell

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