Yeargin talks favorites

Richard Yeargin III continues to pick up new offers left and right and while there are surely more to come, there are a handful of schools at the top of his list.

The 2014 linebacker of University School (Fort Lauderdale, FL) has added two new offers to that list this week and one program has gone straight to the leader board. Get the latest right here.

"This week, it's been South Carolina and Ole Miss that have offered, two big-time SEC schools," Richard Yeargin III said.

When offered by the Rebels, Yeargin spoke with Ole Miss Linebackers Coach Tom Allen. Coach Allen made a big impression on the standout linebacker and helped put Ole Miss onto Yeargin's list of favorites.

"They saved themselves a spot in the top five. The way he came at me was just so aggressive. The fact that they're low at linebackers and they're trying to rebuild, and they really need a guy like me to come in and takeover and do my thing, it really got me on my Ps and Qs about Ole Miss," said Yeargin.

"He's somebody that I can see being my coach for the next three to four years."

While the Gamecocks haven't jumped to the front of the pack the way the Rebels have, Yeargin still says there's a lot to like about South Carolina and he looks forward to learning more.

"South Carolina is a great school, they want me as a defensive end. I can fit well into their scheme, but at this time, I'm neutral with them," he said.

"Coach Grady Brown, I've been talking to him, I'm feeling him out, he seems like a very straightforward guy. I'm just going to keep building that relationship."

Besides Ole Miss, out front for Yeargin are Florida, Clemson, Tennessee, UCLA, and Georgia Tech.

"There's no specific order right now, it's all subject to change, nothing is written in stone, just right now that's my best analysis," he said.

"They're all programs that have a promising future for me educationally and athletically. The coaches just talk the talk that I like to hear. They're not just talking the talk that I like to hear, but I've built the type of relationships with them where I've asked them to be honest with me and I'm honest with them. That's what I'm looking for in the recruiting process – stability, and being able to trust my coaches and what they are trying to sell me."

As far as future plans for the 6-foot-4, 225-pound linebacker go, next on his calendar is a visit to Gainesville for the Florida spring game. Yeargin has already been building solid relationships with many of the Florida coaches and looks forward to visiting. He'll most likely bring along his dad and brother.

A decision is most likely not coming anytime soon for the University School standout. At this point, he plans to make up his mind the night before Signing Day 2014. Of course, FOX Sports NEXT will have you covered for everything in between. Top Stories