Still waiting on two

It's been a whirlwind 10 days for Wando High School offensive lineman Nolan Kelleher.

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Florida State offered on the last Friday in February. Georgia sent one his way the following Monday.

"Ever since Florida State and Georgia jumped in, I just don't even know how it'll all go," Kelleher recently told CUTigers. "I'm getting like five phone calls a night from recruiting analysts and having to call back coaches. I never thought it would get this big this quick."

To go along with those two, Kelleher also holds offers from UConn, Duke, Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech.
"Things have really picked up for me. It's ridiculous," he said.

Absent from that offer list are the instate schools, Clemson and South Carolina.

"I love them both. They're both great schools, great football program. They'd definitely be top choices if they were to offer me," Kelleher said. "They haven't and it's really surprising to me. Most of the time, instate schools offer first."

The 6-foot-5, 285-pound prospect thinks another SEC school could offer next, but he's not certain of it.

"I'm not exactly sure. I'm getting a lot of mail from Auburn. They might offer next," Kelleher said.

Georgia Tech and Florida State have hosted him at their junior days this year. Virginia Tech will have Kelleher up later this month.

Who leads?

"I did have a list of favorites. I'm sort of torn now that Florida State and Georgia have offered me. Now it's sort of just eschews everything."

The Noles and Dawgs are currently vying for the top spot. Previously, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Duke and N.C. State were contending to be his favorite.

"Now, it's just like Florida State and Georgia are both huge. They're both great schools with great academic programs," Kelleher said. Top Stories