Freshman has Clemson offer

Antwuan Jackson is sitting back watching his older brother Bryson Allen-Williams go through the recruiting process right now. He is listening, learning, and even picking up some offers of his own.

"I am watching my brother (Bryson Allen-Williams) because he is getting all the offers, taking a lot of visits, doing a lot of interviews, and I am paying attention to what he is doing right now," Antwuan Jackson told Scout.

While watching Bryson do his thing in recruiting, Jackson has seen his own stock rise and he has picked up a couple of offers already as a freshman.

"I feel kind of special right now because I am getting offers and I am only in ninth grade. Knowing schools like South Carolina and Clemson want me is a good feeling. I still cannot believe that they have offered me really."

This freshman has visited both schools that have offered him and he likes the same thing about each school.

"It is the fans," he said with a laugh. "Clemson has like 85,000 fans at each game and they make a lot of noise. I can tell the fans there love their school and I love the crowd there.

"I like the fans at South Carolina too. They support the school, they cheer for their players, and I really like that. I like the coaches there too."

The two offers have the 6-foot-3, 260 pound freshman feeling special, but he knows there is still plenty of work to be done and plenty of time to pick up new offers.

"I will keep working, keeping pushing to get better, and keep learning from Bryson. I know I can get a lot better, so I will keep working to get more offers. I want to see who all wants me to be part of their program, so I will keep working for that."

Jackson plays offensive and defensive tackle for the Saints right now, but if he has his way on the next level, he will play on the defensive side of the ball.

"I really like defense. I like hitting the quarterback, so if I have a choice, I want to play defense. I think coaches like my size and my speed, so I think I will have a chance to play there," he said.

The early offers from the Tigers and the Gamecocks have Jackson's interest in those two schools at a high level, but he likes a couple of big-time SEC schools too.

"I like Clemson and South Carolina a lot, but I like Alabama and Florida too. I would really like to hear from those schools, pick up offers from them, and take visits too. Top Stories