The next step

CLEMSON - Shortly after announcing that he would return to Clemson for his senior season, Tajh Boyd couldn't help but second-guess himself.

No worries, Clemson fans. Those thoughts have subsided.

"I watch the NFL Network. I see it. You think about it every now and then," Boyd said. "It was to the point where I really did think about it -- a week and a half after I made the decision, I was like, ‘Should I have done that?'

"But, at the same time, I feel like I came back for the right reasons, and that's to win a championship, and to be the best player that I can be. There's a lot of things that are in our reach as a program."

Boyd certainly understands what it will take for Clemson to reach its post-season destination of choice -- Pasadena for the National Championship.

"It has to be 100 percent focus. I'm not looking at [the NFL] at all. It's done, unless I go into the supplemental draft," Boyd said, with a laugh, "And that's not happening."

Now, with that out of the way, it's on to more pressing matters.

Boyd, who was named the ACC's player of the year in 2012, is ready to take his play to the next level after accounting for 339.23 yards per game last season.

"The goal for the offseason -- just for me to grow mentally. Whatever coach [Chad] Morris knows I want to know it," Boyd said. "I know why he calls [a play]. I want to know why he does what he does. If there are situations that I'm getting a full house blitz, how do I beat it?

"It's more growing mentally. Put me up on the board and see what I can do, and continue to grow from it," he added. "Between that and taking care of the ball, taking it from there, it's going to be fun just trying to do something where you're taking your game to another level.

"I did a really good job of that last season. Now, it's time to revamp and take it to a whole new height." Top Stories