Quoteboard: spring practice

CLEMSON - There are a number of intriguing storylines to keep an eye on throughout spring practice.

Chief among them is the race for the No. 2 quarterback job between Cole Stoudt and Chad Kelly.

"I want to see a healthy competition," Chad Morris said. "That's what I want to see. I think we should have one. I think they should be challenging each other.

"They all need to be pushing Tajh [Boyd], to make Tajh better. We all know what Tajh has done. So, it's my job as his coordinator and position coach to push him out of his comfort zone."

Forcing guys out of their comfort zone is exactly what Morris plans to do this spring.

No comfort here…

"Our theme, offensively, we want them to be uncomfortable right now. That's what we told our guys. We told the offense. Spring's not about being comfortable. Being comfortable is going and sitting on the couch. These guys are not going to be comfortable. It's our job to get them out of their comfort zone and straining them really hard." - Morris

The DB shortage…

"You'd like to have everybody here. In a perfect world, you bring eight in and you say four are playing and four are redshirting, you get two classes out of it. But what I do think it does with the guys that are here, it gives them a ton of reps."

"It's not ideal, but you need to find your best 11 and get them good at what we're doing. I love our attitude. Those guys have got a great deal of pride, great accountability. They're not walking around here beating their chest thinking that they've done something special. They recognize what are issues are on the back end -- had a tremendous lack of consistency in giving up big plays. You're not going to be worth a hoot if you're giving up big plays."

Learning from last season…

"We actually went back and watched the Auburn game, just for fun. To look at that, you kind of just want to close your eyes. Wow, we were really that bad the first time at the Georgia Dome. To see it come full circle…I think we became a better defense and showed we could compete at the top level." - Josh Watson

"Maturation, being able to see ourselves on film. Last spring, when we were installing, we were looking at Oklahoma stuff, everything was Oklahoma. So, now, as we got through the season and camp, we got to see ourselves on film, see the mistakes we were making, and go and correct them. We've got the best coach in the country, coach Brooks. All the credit really goes to him." - Watson

The freshmen…

"We're going to look at [Shaq Lawson] and what he does as a defensive end, not try to overload…just line him at one and let him go from there. Right now, he's a left end." - Venables

"Jadar [Johnson] has got a long body. He's learning. He's got a lot to learn back there in the secondary, training your eyes. He's a worker. He's a smart, sharp kid." - Venables

"[Jordan Leggett's] big. He's gained about 10-12 pounds since he's been here. He's got to learn the speed of the game. He's got great speed at 6-6." - Morris

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