What can Brown do for you?

CLEMSON - Scouts, coaches and representatives from all but one NFL team were in Clemson recently for Pro Day.

Among the pro prospects they were putting through the rigors was former Tiger wide receiver Jaron Brown.

Brown tested well during the event, running the 40-yard dash in 4.43 and 4.40 seconds. He also had a 35 1/2-inch vertical, a 10-foot-4 broad jump, a 4.07-second short shuttle, a 6.82-second three-cone drill and did 17 reps of 225 pounds.

"He looked good catching the ball. He was not invited to the combine, but he had a good work out," NFL.com's Gil Brandt said.

During his four-year Clemson career, Brown caught also 87 passes for 1,186 yards with eight touchdowns.

The following is a transcript from Brown's post-pro day media interview.

How nerve racking was a day like pro day?
Brown: It's pretty nerve racking. We had to get up, actually, pretty early, go to the stadium and go through a mini-interview process. That was kind of nerve racking having all of those guys in there. It's about performing.

Did they say there were certain things they wanted to see you do that they had questions about?
Brown: Not personally. I guess, really, what I've been working on the hardest during some of my training are the L-drills, the 3-cone and, of course, the 40.

You did well in the 40. Were you pretty pleased with that?
Brown: I'm pretty pleased, but I'm not sure what the professional time is. That's something I'm working on everyday in my training.

Was that the most important thing, to show your speed out there?
Brown: No, that's definitely not the most important thing. It's definitely a big aspect. Of course, I was trying to hit a higher number in the bench than I did. And a vertical, that's one thing I wanted to hit on. Like I said earlier, the drills, and the receiving drills. It was kind of cool to have some instruction from NFL guys.

What was your vertical?
Brown: 35 ½ [inches]. I was going for 37. I came up short on that.

How about this opportunity to just have this many eyes on you?
Brown: We're fortunate at Clemson. We've got some guys at Clemson that attract some big-time scouts. We were able to have a good crowd in here. Just real fortunate.

What do you think you could bring to the table for an NFL team that takes a chance on you?
Brown: I'll bring everything to the table, versatility. I'm a guy that can go up and catch it. I can play multiple positions, special teams as well.

Did you have any communication with anybody before this?
Brown: No communication. I had the interview process. At the Raycom All-Star game, I had a couple of interviews here and there. Most of the stuff was informal.

Sometimes they throw questions out to trip you up. Did you get any of that today?
Brown: No, actually. None today, fortunately. I've had a couple of those in the past.

Could you recall one?
Brown: One question was, if you had to take a guy in the draft, who would it be -- Sammy [Watkins] or Nuk [Hopkins]? That was kind of one.

And why?
Brown: I said Nuk, because he's eligible for the draft.

Is that as much under a microscope as you've ever been?
Brown: It was kind of exciting. It was like getting ready for a game, in a sense. But it was just more translating into drills.

And you got to go through it all with teammates?
Brown: We were all there together. We had some giggles and stuff. We had fun with it. Those guys have been training. A couple of my roommates were in there, Andre [Ellington] and Brandon [Ford]. I was having fun with those guys.

Did you realize those scouts were looking at things [about you] that you may have never thought of?
Brown: Man, Nuk and I had a couple of talks, especially during the route running. We were like, wow, we've never run these routes before, so we had to kind of adjust right there on the go. But it was a fun experience.

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