Pro Day with Jonathan Meeks

CLEMSON - Scouts, coaches and representatives from all but one NFL team were in Clemson recently for Pro Day.

Among the pro prospects working out in the new indoor facility was safety Jonathan Meeks.

A two-year starter, Meeks had over 150 tackles with seven interceptions, 13 pass breakups and two fumble recoveries in his Clemson career.

The following is a transcript from Meeks' post-pro day media interview:

What were you trying to show out there? What was your mindset, your goal?
Meeks: I just wanted to show them that I could move well. I'm a big safety with speed, agility, show them have hands, I can make plays.

This whole process, how's it been going through training, pro day and the all-star game?
Meeks: It was a big process. It was fun. I enjoyed it. I worked hard every day. This was a big day circled on my calendar. I looked forward to it. I think I did well today.

For guys that don't get to go to the combine, is it even more important to come out here and show well in front of the scouts?
Meeks: It's very important. This was my combine, in my opinion. Once I didn't get invited, it made this day even more important.

What do you think the biggest question about you is, in the eye of the NFL folks?
Meeks: I guess play-making ability. Can he make the big plays when they need him? I feel I can do that. Senior year, my production, in my opinion, was average, OK. Two interceptions and tackles, I wanted to do a lot more, lead the country, for example. I think that would be the biggest knock on me. I didn't make a lot of plays. I know I'm physical. I have size and speed.

Did you get caught out of position trying to help other guys this year?
Meeks: Probably at the beginning of the season. New coordinator. Young guys. We didn't do that too much. We got better as the season [went]. There's going to be mistakes. No team is perfect. I think we got better every game. We finished up strong.

Do you think having a new system was more difficult than you thought going in to the season?
Meeks: It was difficult, initially, because you have to learn. Once you get in and get it down, get the simplicity of it. It was more simple. I'll put it that way. Once we got better at it, communication-wise, at the end of the year we stopped people. It went well for us. Top Stories