The grand finale

CLEMSON - In the spring of 2009, Tajh Boyd arrived to Clemson as a smiling, five-star addition to Dabo Swinney's first signing class.

Four years, 8,818 yards, 89 touchdowns and a few trophies later, Boyd is preparing for his swan song in Tigertown.

And the expectations are high as ever for Boyd and his teammates as they continue to prepare for the 2013 season.

"One of the things for me," Boyd said, "It's all about taking my leadership role to another level. Honestly, I want to be the greatest quarterback to ever play at this university."

He's off to a pretty good start.

The No. 4 rated quarterback in the class of 2009 hopes the ending is tops it all. All of the school and conference records, the ACC title, double-digit win seasons -- all of that stuff.

One certain crystal-shaped, football trophy would trump it all. The sites are definitely set that high.

Expectations are high -- sky-high.

"It's a lot of expectations for us on the outside, but it's a lot of expectations for us in the program on the inside as well," Boyd said. "Guys are working extremely hard, just extremely locked in. When the team's excited to practice, that's how you know it's a good group."

That's news to the ears of the orange-clad faithful.

Boyd, who's progressively improved his play from one season to the next at Clemson, plans to spend as much time as possible in the offices of a couple of his coaches.

One of them is obvious, the other -- not so much.

"Sitting down with coach [Chad] Morris and picking his brain…even going and talking to coach [Brent [Venables]. That's something I've got to do," Boyd said. "I've got these guys at my dispense. I've got to go use them."

With nearly six months before the push for Pasadena kicks off, it's more sweet music for the Clemson faithful. Top Stories