Spring Break in San Diego II

CLEMSON - Tajh Boyd liked last year's spring break trip to California so much that he decided to do it all over again.

Chad Kelly, Cincinnati quarterback Munchie Legaux, Georgia Tech's Vad Lee and Southern Cal's Max Wittek joined Boyd in San Diego to train with famed quarterback coach George Whitfield.

"It was a fun trip. I felt like I got a lot of good work," Boyd said. "It is fun to go over there, and you're working with some of the other college quarterbacks, and they look at you as an older figure…they ask a lot of questions.

"It kind of lets you know where your game is at, and where it has to improve."

He added, "It was a lot of good work. For me, it was trying to clean up on the small things and being able to correlate that onto the football field.

"Coach [Chad] Morris does a lot of the same things that George is out there doing. It's just re-emphasizing."

Like he did last spring, Boyd wanted to clean up a few mechanical things during his work with Whitfield.

"I throw a pretty good fastball, but it can come out a little faster if I incorporate other parts of my body," Boyd said. "Same way with the footwork, just cleaning it up -- that's been one of the things that I've been stressing the whole spring, with coach Morris here and George out there.

"It's a continuous work. We just came out [to practice Monday] and worked on footwork."

Boyd and his wide receivers put in extra work after Monday's practice, to catch up after the week off.

"For me, it's all about taking my game to the next level," he said. "It'll be the same way this summer. I'll be here, probably, for the most part. Whether it's in the film room, it's going to be a big offseason for me and my guys in the receiving corps.

"Just, when they come out of their break, knowing what they're going to do. We got a little extra work in today," Boyd said. "I felt like I needed that, to just kind of understand how they run their routes. They're all different."

For Boyd, the clock is ticking.

He's a few months away from the start of his senior season. And about a year shy of beginning his path to the NFL Draft.

"I didn't want to go, personally, into spring break just coasting it. There's no time to coast," Boyd said.

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