Home sweet home

CLEMSON - Vic Beasley led a nomadic existence during his first couple of years on the Clemson campus.

Recruited to play tight end, Beasley spent a majority of his first year on campus on the offensive side of the ball.

At the end of the 2010 season, Dabo Swinney suggested Beasley move from tight end to outside linebacker. So Beasley flipped from one side of the ball to the other.

Though he was on the right side of the ball, Beasley had yet to find his best position. Then, before the 2011 campaign kicked off, he was moved down to end.

Beasley played sparingly as a redshirt freshman, logging just 16 snaps.

He broke out in 2012, finishing with a team-high eight sacks. Even more impressive about his sack total is that he was 16th on the team in defensive snaps.

Earlier this spring, Beasley spoke about his weight, development and why he's found a home at defensive end.

What's your weight now?
Beasley: 232.

What's your target?
Beasley: 245 or 250, somewhere around there.

By the season?
Beasley: I'm going to try to get there by fall camp.

Is it difficult carrying it?
Beasley: No. I believe my body-type. I'm 6-4, can carry that much weight with not much of a problem.

What kinds of things are you working on right now?
Beasley: Just my run technique, and being able to be better in run plays, taking on bigger tackles.

How much strong-side defensive end and weak-side defensive have you been playing?
Beasley: He's been rotating us, left and right. I stay on the right-side most of the time. I guess it's a majority on the weak-side.

How have Shaq Lawson and Ebenzer Ogundeko come along?
Beasley: They've come along good. Shaq, he's very impressive. Ebo's got a little work to do, but he's coming along as well.

Do you think it'll be competitive most of the spring and into the summer?
Beasley: Oh, yeah. There's a lot of competition on my side with Corey [Crawford] and Ebo, too. It's very competitive on the other side with Tavaris [Barnes], [Kevin] Dodd and Shaq Lawson. I guess a decision will probably be made, probably, at the end of camp. I don't think it'll be made too soon.

Brent Venables said he wants to see you completely invested on the field and off the field. What do you think he wants to see from you?
Beasley: I think, more film watching, being more of a student in what's going on with the play-calling, just more football focus.

Can you identify things pretty quickly?
Beasley: Yeah, I can identify things pretty quickly. I've got to get that it factor, or whatever you call it. I just love football. I just like playing, just like playing the game.

How much does it help that you're finally locked in at one position and not going from one spot to another or one side of the ball to the other?
Beasley: It takes a lot of stress off of me. Coming in, I played tight end [and] then they switched me to linebacker. Now, I've found a home. I can get comfortable at the position, just feel free and just be able to run around like I want to. And just have fun with it.

Why do you think you found a home at defensive end?
Beasley: I believe, because I was in high school, I normally came off the edge. Defensive end is majority pass rushing and coming off the edge. I believe that's a reason I found a home.

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