Making a solid first impression

CLEMSON - Jordan Leggett has emerged as one of the most pleasant surprises through the first half of spring practice.

A three-star recruit from Navarre, Fla., Leggett was one of four class of 2013 prospects to enroll at Clemson in January. He picked the Tigers over offers from Missouri, Louisville, UCF and USF.

"I would have to say Leggett is a guy who caught my eye," Dabo Swinney said, when asked to name individuals that have surprised him this spring.

"Not that I didn't expect him to be a good player, that's why we recruited him. He's got some poise to him, for a high school senior. He's got a lot of poise. He's very athletic. He's very big. He's bigger than he was when we recruited him."

Chad Morris is just as surprised, and just as happy to share the opinion with his boss.

"Jordan, obviously, [is] a big kid -- he's 6-6, has gained 15 pound since he's been here," Morris said. "He's going to be a really good ball player for us."

Listed at 220 pounds when he arrived to campus, Leggett is now up to 235, according to the Clemson coaches.

But he's still 6-6 and runs well, almost as well as a wide receiver.

"He's got great speed for 6-foot-6," Morris said. "He's learning. He should be going to his high school prom, but he's learning. It's all being thrown at him at once."

Swinney added, "Leggett, he doesn't really look like he just got here. That's been a little bit of a surprise for me."

Halfway through the spring, Leggett's held up, both physically and mentally.

"He's really been consistent all throughout spring," Swinney said. "He still has a lot to learn."

After all, the guy is supposed to be finishing his senior year at Navarre High School right now, not catching two passes for 44 yards and a touchdown during his first scrimmage at Clemson. Top Stories