Steady production

CLEMSON - For the last few seasons, Quandon Christian has been a stalwart at the strong-side linebacker position on Clemson's defense.

As a junior, Christian had the most productive season of his career, recording 39 tackles, four tackles for loss, two sacks, six quarterback pressures, two pass breakups and an interception.

Christian had 62 tackles, three tackles for loss, one interception, four quarterback pressures and two pass breakups over 789 in his first two seasons.

A two-year starter as he enters his final season, Christian has appeared in 40 games as a Tiger, 21 of which were starts.

Earlier this spring, he spoke to CUTigers about his final spring practice and the competition at SAM linebacker. The following is a transcript of that conversation.

It's your last spring practice at Clemson. Is it hitting you now that this is the start of all these lasts for you?
Christian: Yeah, I start to reflect back on the years, think about the past times and how great Clemson has been to me. It's going good.

What's your main focus this spring?
Christian: I'm trying to get fundamentals and technique. The game, it's all about fundamentals and technique, staying low -- what you've got to do in certain situations.

We've heard about the competition at MIKE and WILL. Are you the main guy at SAM?
Christian: We're rotating. We've got T.J. Burrell and Marcus Bullard. We're battling, battling it out, to see who's going to be at SAM in the fall.

What have you seen from those guys?
Christian: Oh, man. They're athletic. T.J. can run. Burrell can run. They're just athletic. They're good guys.

As a senior, are you looking to take on a leadership role with the defense?
Christian: Yeah. I've kind of led throughout the years with the other seniors. Since my sophomore year, junior year, they brought me into the team meetings. I helped them lead the team from an underclassman position.

What's the biggest thing that you see the team needing to work on this spring?
Christian: Discipline with the eyes, knowing what we're going to get before we get it. Top Stories