Five-star DE likes Clemson

Around three dozen schools have offered Lorenzo Carter a scholarship. He is a wanted prospect nationally.

"I am still doing what I have always done. I just have fun, go to school, work hard, and try to do what I can to get better," Lorenzo Carter told Scout.

That can be hard to do, but Carter is making it look pretty easy.

The No. 4 prospect in the country takes care of business in the classroom, he helped the football and basketball teams at Norcross win state titles this school year, and he is still the same person he was a year and a half ago.

He admits that going through the recruiting process is not easy.

"It is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I did not expect for it to be like this. I am always so busy, so it is hard to talk to a lot of coaches on the phone and stuff like that. It is tough to figure out where to go too. It is just not what I expected it to be like."

Carter received some advice from Scout 100 running back Alvin Kamara who signed with Alabama back in February.

"Alvin just told me to take my time and to do what is best for me. I know I will not make everyone happy, so I listen to Alvin. He took his time, he made his decision on signing day, and I plan to do the same thing."

Kamara picked Alabama over Georgia on signing day and some feel Carter will do the same about 10 months out.

"I do not know how people already know where I am going to college when I don't," said a laughing Carter. "I have tried to put a list together and I have not even been able to do that yet. I just don't know yet."

Carter does not deny having a lot of interest in Alabama and Georgia though. Both schools are coming at him hard.

"A lot of schools are recruiting me very hard and Alabama and Georgia may be the two coming at me the hardest. Auburn, Florida State, and Clemson would be up there too.

"I have visited Alabama and Georgia, so I know a lot about them, and I have a lot of interest in them. They are two schools I know I like."

The 6-foot-6, 238 pound rush end out of Norcross, Ga. recently spent three days in Tuscaloosa and he got a good look at Alabama.

"I just got a better in-depth feel for the school this time. I got to see everything. I saw a gymnastics meet, I watched them practice, I hung out with players, I spent a lot of time with the coaches, I saw how things worked over there, and it was a good trip for me and my family.

"My parents really got to see it too and that is important. They liked it over there. I know they were impressed with Alabama and with Coach Nick Saban."

Carter is now trying to help Norcross when a state title in track, so he is not thinking too much about recruiting. He plans to focus more on that after his junior year is over. "I think I will get out some this summer and take a few visits, but I do not know to where yet. I am so wide open right now, but I plan to narrow my list down some in the summer. I am not sure how far, but I will narrow it down some."

He will then enter his senior year before making one of the toughest decisions in his life so far.

Carter knows it will not be easy.

"It is more than I thought it would be for me. I used to love Florida when I watched them winning national championships on TV when I was growing up. I am from Georgia, so I have always liked Georgia a lot. Alabama wins and they are awesome on TV, but it is more than just about what you see on TV.

"I did not think my decision would be this hard when I was growing up watching football on TV. I thought I would love a school and pick a school, but there is more to it than that. I will be ready though. I am just going to take my time." Top Stories