Little room for error

CLEMSON - To say Chad Morris was mad about Monday's performance in the stadium scrimmage would be quite the understatement.

And still, two days later, the third-year offensive coordinator was pretty steamed.

"This offense hasn't done anything. That's the illusion. They strut out onto the field like they're the sixth-ranked offense in the country, scoring offense," Morris said, after Wednesday's practice. "Last I checked they haven't started keeping stats yet. They haven't done anything.

"The best thing that happened was Monday, the best thing that happened to us, because it exposed a lot of people. That's good, because we needed that."

One might assume that the offense's struggles were a result of Tajh Boyd's lack of snaps. Boyd had a limited role during Monday's stadium scrimmage so reserves Cole Stoudt and Chad Kelly could get more reps.

But Morris wouldn't accept that as a reason why the offense struggled with others at quarterback.

"Everybody wants to say that. But, no, heck, no," Morris said. "What are we going to do if Tajh, if we do have sit Tajh out? Whatever -- he knocks his shoe off or something, if he comes over there and can't get it out of a knot, has to tie it and it takes him two, three or four plays.

"That's no excuse. That's the problem. Some of them want to make excuses. This ain't an excuse game. It's a results-oriented game. That's what we've got to have. That's what we're going to demand. That's why we're doing what we're doing and we've been successful.

"We've got to come out with that mentality. Everyday, you've got to show up everyday with that hard edge about yourself. Again, sometimes, you have to step back to step forward. Sometimes, you've got to get hit in the mouth."

When asked about the play of Stoudt and Kelly, Morris continued with his blunt assessment.

"I thought everybody was awful. Just calling it like it is," Morris said. "We completed pass here and there. You and I could complete a pass. Guys are wide-open sometimes.

"Overall, I thought the intensity level, the leadership, everything. From coaching, everything -- we were bad. We did not have the intensity level we needed to have. We didn't have the energy level we needed to have. It was good."


Believe it or not, Morris was able to find a few positives out of all the bad.

"We were able to coach and teach off of it. As a coach, all you can do is ask your guys to respond. And, if they respond, you know they've got something there," he said. "That's what they did today." Top Stories