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CLEMSON - If you haven't caught on by now, Chad Morris was none too pleased with the way things worked out during Monday's stadium scrimmage.

Hoarse voice and all, Morris didn't hold back when assessing the scrimmage performance after Wednesday's practice.

"If I have to lose my voice every practice, I'm good with that, too," he said. "They don't have to like me. I don't care. We're going to play physical. We're going to play aggressive. We're going to play with a hard edge.

"If they don't want to do that, they can stand behind us -- just [not] too close behind us."

Since his arrival from Tulsa, Clemson's offense has soared to new heights.

The Tigers racked up 440.8 yards and scored 33.6 points a game in year one. In 2012, they averaged 512.7 yards and scored 41 points per contest.

It's no wonder Morris has such lofty standards as he enters year three of his tenure in Tigertown.

"We like our guys. Don't get me wrong, we like these guys. They're going to be really good," he said. "They haven't arrived yet. Some of them think they have. That's why you use spring, to build on that. We'll talk about Monday's practice -- believe me. They won't forget Monday's practice. That's something I won't allow."

It hasn't been a complete bust for the Clemson offense this spring.

"There are some good things. We did a few good things. Yeah, we did a few good things," Morris said. "We're not going to give them all trophies and awards right now for spring ball. What spring ball has done has magnified what we've got to work on. We haven't mastered anything."

Lacking leadership

There was little doubt that the offensive line would need to find a leader or two to emerge in the place of Dalton Freeman, who exhausted his eligibility after last season.

The search is ongoing.

"We lost a leader in Dalton Freeman. That was huge. We've struggled with leadership in that bunch," Morris said. "We expect Brandon Thomas, we expect Tyler Shatley to take on that leadership role. For neither one of them, it's not their personality right now. It's got to be."

Part of that falls onto the shoulders of the quarterback.

Tajh Boyd's got to take on leadership of that bunch. That's the challenge," Morris said.

He added, "Our leadership on the offensive has got to materialize, and got to develop -- has to, has to."

Challenging the other QBs

Cole Stoudt and Chad Kelly received a majority of the snaps during Monday's scrimmage. That'll be the case again on Saturday during the Orange and White spring game.

Morris wants his reserve quarterbacks to be more assertive in the leadership department. But a few things have to happen before that can be a possibility.

"To have respect, you've got to battle in hard times. Neither one of those guys have earned the respect to become a leader," Morris said. "Do they have the capability? Absolutely. Are they fighters and scrapers? You bet, yes. They've got that. And, in due time, it'll happen.

"Again, that's why we're doing it the way we're doing it with Tajh. We're seeing if the leadership can come forward. I think we saw that on Monday with those two young guys. It starts with them.

"We saw some good things. We saw some good things." Top Stories