Three-star big sees Clemson

Sidy Mohamed Djitte, a three-star center from Northwood Temple Academy in North Carolina took his official visit to Clemson last weekend.

C Sidy Mohamed Djitte Profile

On Monday, CUTigers caught up with Northwood Temple Academy head coach Chris Lattimer.

"[Djitte] really likes the staff down there," Lattimer said. "He watched [Devin] Booker [at] the one game down there [in February]. He knows that he's a real good ball player.

"I think he likes the weather. It kind of reminds him of that African weather. He likes the kids there. He likes the kids on the team."

Clemson is the only school that's hosted the Senegal native for an official visit. For now, there are no others on the docket.

"As of right now, nothing is set in concrete," Lattimer said.

When asked which other schools are in the mix for Djitte, Lattimer listed, "Old Dominion, Memphis [and] Cincinnati are some of the stronger schools, right now."

Several factors will be considered by Djitte as he moves towards the spring signing period, which begins on Wednesday and runs through May 15.

"He wants to be around a coaching staff that he really feels he trusts," Lattimer said. "He wants to be at a program where he can play. He doesn't want to sit on the bench. He wants to be around coaches that have put players into the NBA. That's his ultimate goal. He's got a lot of work to go, but that's his ultimate goal.

"Those are some of the big things. I think proximity, maybe, has a factor to it as well. A coaching staff that he trusts. Is he going to be able to play? And what's the track record with NBA players in the program?"

Lattimer broke down Djitte's game.

"He came in and he was raw, but he has great God-given attributes -- obviously, great size and great length [and] pretty decent athleticism," Lattimer said. "He really used them well on the defensive end of the court, to really become a good shot blocker, a good rebounder.

"Just a defensive force out there, [he] changes the game, changes the trajectory of a player's shot when he's not blocking the ball. His offensive game he, he was always very raw. He broke his foot back in June and really didn't recover until the first week in November, so he lost a lot of time with his offensive development.

"But, as he gets older, whatever school he ends up at, I'm sure we'll see him progress. And he'll become a really good basketball player."

Off the court, Lattimer said Djitte is a popular student at Northwood Temple Academy.

"He's great in our school. The kids love him. The teachers love him. The administration loves him…he's very friendly," Lattimer said. "He's always trying to help people out. Just has a very kind heart about him. He's a wonderful kid, a wonderful character kid.

"If he wasn't a star basketball player, he'd be a student at the school and a really, really well-liked kid. Kids don't view him as a basketball player. They view him as another student. They love him so much."

As a senior, Djitte averaged 17 points, 12 rebounds and three blocks per game. Top Stories