Fitting in at fullback

CLEMSON - After bouncing around between positions during his early years at Clemson, Darrell Smith has carved out a niche at fullback.

Before 2012, Smith played just 54 snaps over his first two seasons at defensive end and tight end. But he's finally found a home in a fullback-type role in the hurry-up, no-huddle offense.

"I like what I do," Smith said. "I did this in high school, so I'm used to blocking. That's what I'm very comfortable with, and that's what I like to do. I'm glad they have me in the position that I'm in."

Smith doesn't mind bull dozing paths for the guys with the ball. In 26 snaps over 13 games last season, he caught just one pass for one yard.

"I'm fine with my role," he said. "I had guys in high school like Dre Kirkpatrick…they got all the shine, but I'm fine with where I'm at."

The 6-foot-2, 250-pound senior from Gadsden, Ala. expects this season's role to be very similar to the one he played in 2012.

"It's about the same. Coach [Chad] Morris has my role increasing, because of the blocking skills I have," Smith said.

He also plays a big part on the Tigers' special teams.

"I'm on kick return, I'm on punt team, kickoff and kick return team. I'm playing all four of those [special teams]," Smith said.

And his listed weight is up from where it was a year ago.

"Last year, I weighed about 240. I'm up to 255 now. I've lost a little fat and gained some muscle, so I'm kind of happy with myself," Smith said.

He added, "I needed some more weight, because those boys are heavy. I need to gain some more ground." Top Stories