The latest on Djitte

On Sunday night, three-star center Sidy Mohamed Djitte knew which school he was going to sign with, or so he thought.

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CUTigers spoke with Northwood Temple Academy [Fayetteville, N.C.] head coach Chris Lattimer on Monday afternoon.

"We talked [Sunday] night at the dinner table. [Djitte] had made up his mind. We thought he was going to announce it [Monday] and he was going to call that specific coach this morning, so that's how word got out," Lattimer said.

Djitte had a change of heart sometime between dinner on Sunday night and his arrival to school on Monday morning. There would be no commitment to Clemson, Cincinnati or Memphis.

Not yet.

"He came into school this morning, into my classroom and said, ‘I'm not ready.' So, he's not ready," Lattimer said.

There is no specific timeline for when a decision will be made, but Djitte does have until May 15 to make a decision.

"He's still sifting through his options." Lattimer said. "He's really confused right now, really confused. He's got three different options there for schools… Each of them has pros and cons to them. He's having a hard time.

"Which is the best pro?"

Lattimer listed the pros for each of Djitte's finalists.

Clemson: They're just great people. Coach [Earl] Grant and coach [Brad] Brownell are just great people, high character guys. Brownell is a tremendous at developing his players. It's in the ACC, so he's going to get exposure playing against all of those teams. They've got a lot of good, young talent.

Memphis: It's an NBA town. There's exposure there. They're probably going to end up being a top 10 team right away.

Cincinnati: They have a great engineering program. They're a perennial NCAA tournament team and there's room to play. There are some pros there, definitely.

Lattimer also listed the cons:

"Is Clemson going to win next year? At Memphis, is he really going to be able to have an impact on the floor his first year or first two years? At Cincinnati, he's got questions about the coaching staff, and questions about Memphis. Do they know him well enough? They kind of slid in later," Lattimer said. "But there are pros and cons to each of them. That's the thing for Sidy to figure out." Top Stories