Remembering the process

ELBERTON, Ga. - Tyshon Dye was one of the most heavily recruited running backs in the Southeast before he committed to Clemson last July.

A four-star prospect from Elbert County High School, Dye was the second running back to join Clemson's 2013 class. The first was Wayne Gallman, whom Dye will room with when they get to school later this summer.

With CUTigers by his school earlier this week, Dye shared his memories from the recruiting process.

What school would you say finished second behind Clemson?
Dye: Auburn was up there until all of that stuff started going down with them. It was probably South Carolina and Georgia.

What coach, other than someone at Clemson, did you have a connection with?
Dye: The Tennessee coach, he's not there anymore. The Auburn coach, he's not there anymore. He's cool. I talked to him a lot. South Carolina, they came down, I thought he was pretty cool, too. I think he was the d-line coach. I don't think he's there anymore.

Is there anything from the whole process that was funny to you?
Dye: It's nothing that really stands out. It's some of the stuff they tried to feed me that was bull. I guess they didn't think that I was going to catch on to. I think Clemson kept it real with me through the whole process.

Is that a big part of what led you to Clemson, because of that?
Dye: Yeah.

Is there one thing you could change about the recruiting process?
Dye: I would, probably, take my officials. I probably should have taken more official visits. I wish that's one thing I could have done, because I just took one.

Do you think the NCAA should move them up and allow prospects to take them earlier in their high school career?
Dye: Yeah, I think it would be a little easier on the people who are trying to get their decision made [early]. Then, it's almost crunch time and you're trying to get all those officials in. I think they should allow 11th graders. I think they should. It would be easier on the people who have to make that decision.

What was your favorite part of the whole recruiting process?
Dye: My favorite thing about the recruiting process? I guess, all of it, all of the attention. You feel like all your hard work has paid off. I guess the whole thing.

Anything you didn't like about it that you could do with out?
Dye: The recruiters calling, I could do without all that.

And reporters calling?
Dye: Yeah. Top Stories