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ABBEVILLE - Kelly Bryant bares a striking resemblance to a certain starting quarterback in the NFL.

QB Kelly Bryant Profile

Bryant's teammates and coaches began calling him ‘Cam' when Cam Newton was on his way to winning the Heisman Trophy and a National Championship at Auburn.

The nickname stuck.

"The first time I saw Kelly, it was during the Cam Newton era when he was coming through. That was the first name that popped in mind," Abbeville head coach Jamie Nickles recently told CUTigers.

At 6-4, 200 pounds, Bryant kind of looks like Newton when he's under center.

"I think the first thing is [Bryant's] so explosive," Nickles said. "This year, I think, we'll see him be a little more physical football player on the field. I think you can attribute that to his work in the weight room."

Four schools have already taken notice of the sophomore. Clemson and South Carolina offered last year. Since then, Georgia Tech and Appalachian State have come through and offered.

Ohio State defensive coordinator Everett Withers stopped by Abbeville last week. Duke and N.C. State will also send coaches by the school this spring.

Plenty more are expected to come through the school.

"He's just matured. You can see it physically, mentally," Nickles said. "We're proud of the work he's put in the weight room this year…he's really pushed himself in the weight room."

Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris was by the school with defensive backs coach Mike Reed in April.

Bryant recently spoke with Morris.

"We weren't talking really about football. That day, we had a track meet. We were talking about track. He was talking about his son. Not really football-related things," Bryant said.

Bryant visited Clemson in April for the spring game. He went to Georgia Tech for a junior day in February. He'll visit both, plus South Carolina and Appalachian State this summer for camp.

He's expected to work at quarterback during the Dabo Swinney Football Camp.

"Last time, coach Morris said quarterback. I guess quarterback," Bryant said. "Everybody else, pretty much, is saying quarterback."

Quarterback is where Bryant would like to play at the next level. He wants everything that comes with the position.

"Being in control, all eyes on you, the pressure, the hard work and everything that comes with the package of being the quarterback," Bryant said.

With no favorites, Bryant will wait until the summer before his senior season before making a decision.

As a freshman, he threw for 323 yards and rushed for 670 yards and nine touchdowns.

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