Morris visiting Byrnes WR

DUNCAN - Byrnes sophomore wide receiver Tavin Richardson has already picked up a trio of offers from schools with ACC ties.

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By the time Richardson reaches the college game, Maryland will be out of the ACC and Louisville will be in it, so will Boston College.

All three schools have offered and each has been to Byrnes this spring. So have Georgia Tech, N.C. State and UCF.

Clemson is due for a visit, too.

"Chad Morris is going to come on May 17 to our scrimmage. The coach from Louisville is going to be here. Some more coaches are going to be coming, I don't know who all, but they're going to come watch us practice," Richardson told CUTigers during a recent ON LOCATION interview at Byrnes.

Earlier this spring, Richardson took visits to Clemson, Maryland, Georgia, North Carolina and Georgia Tech.

"I'm going to probably go to Louisville and Maryland. I might try to go to Boston College's camp. I might go see Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee, maybe," he said.

Byrnes head coach Bobby Bentley thinks the 6-foot-4, 205-pound prospect has his best football ahead of him.

"I think he's guys that has a lot of upside…he's going to be better as he gets older, because of his size. He's a great player now. He can even be better as he continues to develop. He's still a young kid," Bentley said.

As a sophomore, Richardson had 38 catches for 549 yards and six touchdowns.

"He's just now getting to where he starting to like the weight room. As he gets in the weight room, he's just going to get better, faster, stronger and more physical," Bentley said. Top Stories