The Dorman pipeline

ROEBUCK - There probably aren't many coaches in high school football that can make the same claim as Dave Gutshall.

Four of his former players at Dorman High School are starters on the same college team.

Brandon Thomas, an All-ACC performer last season, is Clemson's starting left tackle.

Juniors Charone Peake and Adam Humphries take up two of the three starting wide receiver spots for the Tigers.

Michael Sobeski handles long snapping duties for both field goals and extra points.

All four will be counted on to play big roles for Dabo Swinney in 2013.

There's also Patrick Destefano, a redshirt freshman offensive lineman, who's working his way into the two-deep depth chart at either guard or tackle.

"We're real proud of them," Gutshall said. "The thing we take pride in here…not only are they good athletes, they're good, quality people of character. They make the grades, they qualify [and] they do all the right things.

"The five we have down at Clemson right now are five that do all the right things."

After this season, Gutshall believes Thomas will be off to a career in the NFL.

"Brandon will eat up the NFL Combine," Gutshall said. "If he stays healthy -- it's all about staying healthy -- Brandon, if he stays healthy, for an offensive tackle Brandon runs as well as anybody."

During his prep career at Dorman, Thomas ran a 4.69 40-yard dash when he weighed 280.

"That's when the phone started ringing off the hook," Gutshall said. "Everybody was recruiting him. He went to the Under Armour combine and ran a 4.69 -- not us timing him, by those people timing him."

Peake hasn't had the most productive start to his career, but his numbers improved from year one to year two, and they project to make another significant jump this season.

"He's got all the tools," Gutshall said. "Charone, when he came in, they were very deep. They had [DeAndre] Hopkins, Jaron Brown, who had been starting there forever. They had All-World Sammy Watkins coming in. They were playing a tight end that is in the pros now. Those were the four guys starting when he got there."

Gutshall added, "He's a competitor. Charone is a lot stronger than people think. If you bump and run him much, he's liable to run over you. He looks thin and wiry, but he's put together pretty good. He's real physical coming off the line."

Humphries has been a pleasant surprise for Clemson fans.

"Adam is the type of guy that you wouldn't notice," Gutshall said. "They had every intention of redshirting Adam. But when you watch him play every day in practice, [they] start saying, we're not going to be able to redshirt this guy."

The former three-star cornerback has caught 56 passes for 410 yards and a touchdown during his first two seasons as a Tiger.

"Adam is so quite and non-assuming. He just does his job every time he's on the field. He doesn't jump out at you," Gutshall said.

According to Gutshall, Sobeski has the perfect kind of demeanor for a specialist.

"Michael's got that laid back [personality]. Pressure doesn't seem to bother Michael," Gutshall said. "It just doesn't seem to bother him. It's just, I'm going to go do my job and not get all uptight about this."

Destefano continues to work his way into the mix.

"He's been banged up. He's struggled with some shoulder problems, which he had when he was here, too," Gutshall said. "But he'll be fine in the end." Top Stories