Kief putting summer plans together

Ohio wide receiver Derek Kief has been busy putting together some possible summer visits. FOX Sports NEXT spoke with Kief about the schools he plans to visit.

The final days of the school year are nearing and Derek Kief knows once classes end he'll be looking to visits several of the schools high on his list.

"Actually nothing much has been really going on," said Kief. "I have some visits coming up in the summer and that will get things all started again."

Where is Kief looking to visit over the next month or two?

"Right now I know I'm going back down to Alabama and then Clemson on back-to-back days," explained Kief. "I'll then probably go back up to Ohio State one last time and then some others like Notre Dame.

"We have a 7-on-7 at Notre Dame so I'm probably going to stay up there and check that out as well.

"Those are kind of the schools I'm favoring right now, but everything can still change. However, those are the main ones."

We asked Kief to talk a little about each school he'll be looking to visit.

"I just want to check out Alabama again as it's been a while," said Kief. "My decision will be coming up pretty soon, so it will be pretty good to see all the places that I like before I whittle it down a little more."

"I like the area and like South Carolina," said Kief. "They have a good football program and they run the spread. So I feel Clemson would be a good place for me."

Ohio State
"Ohio State is up at the top of my list," said Kief. "Nothing is for sure yet and everything is still open. But they are right there."

Notre Dame
"It will be great to see Notre Dame as I haven't really been up there or talked with the coaches much," said Kief. "So it will be good to see what they are all about and that will help me see if I have interest.

"I talk with Coach (Mike) Elston here and there and know Notre Dame has a great tradition and a great television contract. I also know they've been pretty successful, especially last year."

"I might go down and visit Kentucky again," said Kief. "It all depends on how these other visits to and stuff. But we'll have to see. I've only been down there once, but they are definitely up there in my top teams. But we'll just have to see what happens."

Senior Year Changes
Not only is Kief focused on his future in college he's also looking at his final years at La Salle and a new coaching staff.

"The coaches haven't came and worked with the team yet," said Kief. "But the coaching staff looks like it is pretty well put together. Our senior year should be great as we have a lot of great senior players and players under us." will continue to track the latest developments with Kief going forward. At this time Kief is looking at possibly taking part in the Nike Camp in Columbus in early June. However, there are no plans to participate in any college camps at this time. Top Stories