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GAINESVILLE, Ga. - Just days before the rumors began to spread about a visit to Auburn, Deshaun Watson sat down with CUTigers.

The following is an edited transcript from last Tuesday's interview.

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Since the state championship game, have you gone a day with somebody not asking you about your commitment or just recruiting in general?
Watson: Usually, it's everyday, somebody is asking or e-mailing me about coming to visit or if I'm still committed to Clemson. I just tell them straight up that I'm fully committed. If anything changes, I'll let them know. Right now, I'm 100 percent.

Do you ever get tired of it, whether it's coaches, friends, people around school, whomever?
Watson: Sometimes I do. It gets a little annoying. Coach [Bruce] Miller handles all the coaches that come in. They don't actually talk to me. They have to go through them. They let them know if I really want to talk to them or not. That's how we're doing things.

In the past you've told me that coach Morris warned you that things would get to this point. Can you remember exactly what he said?
Watson: Actually, when they first offered me, we were sitting in coach Swinney's office. Coach Morris and coach Swinney were telling me that I was probably going to be the No. 1 quarterback in the nation and that every school was going to want me. If I decided to take the scholarship at Clemson, I was just going to have to stay strong.

At the time, I wasn't really believing it. I thought it was too much. I thought there were other quarterbacks out there that are probably better than me. Then, the rankings came out. I just looked back at it and they were right about it.

I'm just following and doing what they tell me to do and stay strong. If I really want to come to Clemson, act like it.

What have the conversations with coach Morris been like during the last few weeks of the evaluation period?
Watson: Really, just staying in touch, just talking about how the family is doing. Nothing really about any other schools, just looking at other recruits that they're looking at to help me out when I'm up there, just building this 2014 class and trying to make it complete. Have you surprised yourself that you've gotten to this point in your career?
Watson: I always wanted to have a scholarship and be the best player that I can be out there on the field for my team. I didn't know that the hype and status that I have now wouldn't be as big.

What are your plans for the summer?
Watson: Clemson from the 12th to 14th. Then, I'm going to Chicago for the Rivals Five-Star Challenge. Then, Oregon for The Opening. Other than that, I'm just hanging with my teammates and going to camps with them.

What's it like getting the chance to compete in those kind of camps?
Watson: It's very cool. It's a great honor, something that I can do. Last year, I looked at it and watched it on TV and told myself it's something that I wanted to do, to be there next year. I worked my butt off the whole season and offseason. I had the opportunity to go. I'm very excited and looking forward to going to these camps, competing with the best players from around the country, building more friendships and getting to know them and learning new things.

Another portion of the ON LOCATION interview was published last week: LINK

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