Artis could end up anywhere

It does not matter where the school is located when talking Allen Artis. He is looking for the blend of academics and football and he will go where he feels fits him best.

He could commit as soon as this summer.

"I am still taking visits, trying to figure things, and just going through the process right now," Allen Artis told Scout in a recent conversation.

Clemson, Stanford, and Vanderbilt are schools Artis would like to visit this summer and a few others could get him on campus as well.

The ACC, SEC, and Pac 12 school all impress this hard-hitting safety out of Marietta (Ga.) Wheeler.

"I really like the small town environment, the football town you could play in, and the academics at Clemson are pretty good too.

"Stanford has a great balance of top academics and football there, so that is a school I really want to see. I have been to Vanderbilt and I love the education I could get there. I like how they play and compete in the SEC too."

He has around 20 scholarship offers right now and Artis is not waiting around for any certain school to pull the trigger. He has all he needs and he now just wants to find the right school.

No leader yet, not even a top list of schools, but that could come down the road.

"I will probably make a couple of cuts at some time, but I do not know when yet. I have to take a few more visits, talk things over with my dad, and then I will figure that out," said the high three-star prospect on Scout.

Even though Artis hasn't begin to trim his list down publicly yet does not mean he couldn't commit before the beginning of his senior season.

"I could commit this summer, but I could commit at any time really. I just have to find the school I feel most comfortable at. I am looking for a good education, a chance to play early, and a chance to win."

Artis is currently the No. 38 safety in the country at 6-foot-1, 195 pounds. Top Stories