Veal recaps Dabo Camp

Mason Veal, one of the top offensive linemen in the Carolinas for the class of 2015, camped at Clemson last Thursday.

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The Ardrey Kell High School [Charlotte, N.C.] rising junior recently caught up with CUTigers to recap his visit.

"I really enjoyed it. We got there and walked right into position work. I liked working with the coaches," he said. "Coach [Robbie] Caldwell is a great coach. He obviously knows what he's doing. He's a little bit more old school. But I really liked learning from him and talking to him about the little intricacies of the game."

Veal's visited Clemson several times already. But before the camp stop, he hadn't experienced what it was like to work with the Tigers' coaches on the field.

"That was probably the main reason I went down there, the main reason I looked forward to it, to just kind of see how they worked, their demeanor and attitude towards coaching," Veal said. "It was great. I had a good time. I enjoyed it. All of the coaches were great. Coach [Danny] Pearman, I talked to him for a while. We talked about more visits and coming for the fall."

After the Clemson camp, Veal visited North Carolina. While in Chapel Hill on Monday, the Tar Heels offered. Notre Dame will host him in June. Veal will visit Georgia and South Carolina in July.

Clemson, South Carolina and North Carolina have offered. He has no favorites.

"My main focus for the fall is my football games on Friday nights. I'll take some visits on Saturdays to go down and see some games. But I'm not going to worry too much about it during the season," Veal said. "Once the season ends, I'll look at who I have offers from and who's recruiting me pretty hard and take some more visits then. By the start of next season, I want to be down to my top five or top three."

A decision could come at some point after his senior season, but that's not a definite timeline.

"Unless next summer I go to a camp or on a visit and absolutely know this is where I want to go," Veal said. "So I'm not holing myself to a strict timeline. I just want to know I'm making the right decision." Top Stories