Joseph almost picked Duke

It wasn't until about 10:15 Sunday night that Kendall Joseph changed his mind about committing to Duke.

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Joseph, who picked between Clemson over Louisville and Duke, planned to call and commit to Duke head coach David Cutcliffe after his Sunday evening phone conversation with Brent Venables.

That's right. Joseph, a rising senior at nearby Belton-Honea Path High School, was going to turn down Clemson.

"To be honest, I'd actually picked Duke," he told CUTigers on Monday morning. "I was calling coach Venables to tell him. We talked for about an hour. He talked to me for a long time about certain stuff. After that, it kind of made me question my decision when I talked to my uncle and my grandfather.

"I just felt like Clemson was the best place for me, overall. The overall experience of college and what I was going to get out of it, I felt like Clemson was the best place for me. That's why I ended up choosing Clemson."

Venables' track record played a big part in the decision that Joseph announced on Monday morning.

"I felt like, just looking at coach Venables' pedigree, I felt like he would help me prosper the best," Joseph said. "Just look at the talent that he's produced in developed. It's not a question.

"As well as the atmosphere at Clemson and the program they're building. I just thought it was the best thing for me."

Joseph is the third linebacker to commit to Clemson's 2014 class. He joins a pair of four stars, Korie Rogers and Chris Register. Top Stories