'It felt real'

Clemson tight end commitment Milan Richard was on the Clemson campus last week for the Dabo Swinney Football Camp.

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The three-star tight end pledge recently spoke with CUTigers about the camp stay.

The following is a transcript from that interview.

How was camp?
Richard: We had fun, working out and hanging out. I had fun in both phases. Meeting commits that I haven't met yet and being around guys that we want and are trying to get to become Tigers.

Which commitments did you not know before camp?
Richard: I got to meet Korie Rogers and C.J. Fuller. Those were the two guys that I had read about and didn't get to meet while I was there, and Cannon Smith.

What did you think of Cannon?
Richard: I think we're going to be good. I think we both have strengths and weaknesses, which every player does. He's a great guy. From just being around him for a few days, I feel like we kind of clicked. We're going to be good working with coach [Danny] Pearman.

What were your impressions of coach Pearman on the field, getting to work with him?
Richard: It was good. It was the first time. He's very real. He just kind of tells you what he sees. I like that in a coach. At the same time, he's caring and understands how players act, things like that. He's very real and up front, just kind of tells you how he sees it. At the same time, as a player, I really appreciate that.

What was your recruiting pitch for the non-committed targets? Or did you not even bother them with that kind of stuff?
Richard: We talked about it a little bit. My big thing, I don't really give a recruiting pitch. I sit back a little bit and let guys do their homework. Then, when it comes close to time for guys making their decision, that's when I kind of help out, tell them how the coaches are, how the Clemson family is and everybody is going to welcome them. I'm not really big on recruiting. I just want guys to do what's best for them. If it happens to be Clemson, then [it's] good.

Even though you've worked with Deshaun [Watson] in camps and other settings, what was it like to get to work with him again, but on the Clemson campus and in front of the Clemson coaches?
Richard: It felt real. Everybody's excited. Coach Swinney is fired up. I know coach Morris is ready. I think it's going to be good. When we finally get there and are able to put it all together, what everybody has been talking about, and just start doing it.

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