Brotherly advice

Korrin Wiggins' older brother, Reese Wiggins, is a senior wide receiver at East Carolina. Big brother has passed along plenty of advice.

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Korrin, who will move to Clemson this weekend, recently spoke to CUTigers about what his older brother is telling him about the college game.

"He pretty much told me to really focus on being in condition and get speed, being able to run," Wiggins said. "He said to build your legs up. He said the weights are going to come…I'm just focusing on conditioning and trying to keep my footwork right. I'm just staying on the field, trying to be ready."

Wiggins added, "He just told me to go in here and be humble, stay hungry, to learn from the older guys. Just make sure that I'm coachable and all that good stuff. Pretty much, just do what coach says, and just go out there and have fun."

The 6-foot-1, 190-pound is ready to make the move from Hillside High School [Durham, N.C.] to Clemson.

"It's been real smooth," he said. "Getting ready and prepared is going decent. My mom is really hitting and running, trying to find stuff that I need. But everything is going good. I'm ready."

A three-star prospect, according to, Wiggins wants to play early. If he does, it'll be at free safety or nickel back.

"Most definitely I'm going in and trying to compete for a spot or whatever, to try and start or whatever, to try and get on the field," he said. "Expectations-wise, whatever I can do to help out the team and the program."

Wiggins, who will wear No. 12, doesn't expect the early P.T. to be handed to him.

"I go in every time with the mindset that I'm going to compete, no matter who's there, no matter how many positions are open," he said. "The best man, I feel, should play. If he's better than me, that's respect to him. If not, we're all going to compete and make each other better -- whatever is going to help the team win and the program grow.

"Just as long as everybody is happy, that's cool with me." Top Stories