QUOTEBOARD: the 2013 signees

The 2013 Clemson signing class is set to report to campus on Sunday and start classes on Wednesday.

Several members of the class, including Adrian Baker, Mike Williams, Kyrin Priester, Korrin Wiggins, Ben Boulware, T.J. Green and Wayne Gallman shared their memories of the process.

It ain't easy…

"I was going back and forth thinking to myself, between Clemson, Ohio State and UNC. It was just always [different]. Before signing day, I prayed on it. The best school that came to my mind when I woke up, I said, ‘That's it. It's in my heart.' I prayed on it, woke up in the morning and that's what it was." - Wiggins

"It was a very tough decision. You meet so many coaches and there great programs that offer pretty much the same thing, so it's kind of hard. I just experienced a lot of tough decisions, meeting a lot of great people as well while going through it." - Baker

"I had offers coming in everyday. It kind of got overwhelming. But I sat down with my parents and talked to them about it. Then, I kind of narrowed it down. But it came out good. I made the choice where I really wanted to go." - Green

"Coming up to make your decision, you don't want to make a decision. You just want to make a decision that's best for you. I think I did that." - Williams

The keys…

"Recruiting is all about relationships and having the right feeling in going to the right school. You've got to fit in and feel good around the players, around the coaches. I just took that from it. I visited Clemson early. I couldn't get a scholarship, because they were full of receivers. It's just the feeling that I get when I'm in Clemson, and I'm around the players and coaches, as well." - Priester

"The biggest thing that stuck out to me is how loyal the Clemson staff was and how big on faith they are. I'm a big religious [person]. I really liked that. I'd never heard or seen a coaching staff that's just so surrounded and into that stuff. That was a real big thing for me." - Wiggins

"When I saw what they were doing and all the recruits they were getting, and it's a great team, I just wanted to be apart of that. They're signing some good quarterbacks, some great skill players and just building the whole team, trying to be a national championship team, I just wanted to be a part of that." - Williams

"Coach Reed coming from N.C. State to Clemson -- that was a big bonus. Coach Elliott and I had a great relationship before all of that. That was another big bonus." - Priester

Best memory from the process…

"When I called coach Swinney and committed, he just started screaming. That was pretty funny. That was a pretty good memory." - Boulware

"I can't really pinpoint one. I remember my first offer was from the University of Florida. That was my biggest memory." - Baker

"One thing I'll always remember is the constant saying of keeping your grades up. Grades get everything. That's what I really remember, working hard in the classroom to get what I really needed, to get to college first." - Gallman

In second behind Clemson…

"Probably Carolina." - Williams

"They were looking for tall receivers like me. I wasn't feeling the quarterbacks they had, so that put them out." - Williams

"It was Georgia, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Florida State, Georgia Tech and there are others." - Gallman

"I guess when Auburn called, they were second. But UAB was definitely in my top three." - Green

What could change?

"I think it should start a little bit earlier, I'm not saying in ninth grade or whatever. But, around tenth grade, for people to take all of their [official] visits, not just have two semesters to take everything." - Gallman

"Sometimes it can get crazy with all the websites and all that stuff." - Wiggins

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