Presidential search update

Rumors of West Virginia University President Jim Clements considering a move to Clemson for the the same position are just that, at least for now.

After a report surfaced Monday indicating otherwise, Clemson Board ChairmanDavid Wilkins confirmed to CUTigers on Monday that Clements has not been offered the job.

"There has not been an offer to anyone for the Clemson presidency," Wilkins said. "The process is ongoing. The search committee met with the different constituencies last week, from the faculty, to the staff, alumni association, IPTAY representatives -- you name it.

"They're doing their due diligence."

Current Clemson President James Barker, who's served in the position for the nearly 14 years, announced in April that he would retire once his successor was named.

Barker, 65, underwent heart-bypass surgery in January. After his tenure as president is over, he'll continue to work for the university as an architecture professor.

"This coming week," Wilkins said, R. William Funk & Associates, the Dallas-based search firm hired by the university, will meet with Clemson officials.

Wilkins said the meeting will allow both parties "to make sure we're all on the same page in the person we're looking for."

The search for Barker's successor will pick up more steam in the coming weeks.

"The next step after that is to prepare criteria of what we want in the next president of Clemson and then to have a national publication of a notice and then to receive applications and to begin the process," Wilkins said. "But no one has been offered the job. No one has been interviewed for the job. There has been no formal application by anyone for the job."

Wilkins said that no specific date is in place to find Barker's successor.

"The search committee is moving very deliberately and as quickly as possible, but there is no time frame, per se," Wilkins said. "But we're moving. Hopefully, we'll post a public notice this summer and start receiving some applications. But there is no specific time frame." Top Stories