Five-star DT closing in on decision

Since his freshman year of high school, Andrew Brown has been recruited by colleges from across the country. Now, Brown is just days away from a decision.

And then there were five.

Last week after receiving countless scholarship offers, Andrew Brown announced he was down to five schools -- Alabama, Clemson Florida State, Virginia and Virginia Tech.

In just over 48 hours, what has been a three year journey will come to an end. At 2 p.m. on Saturday, the nation's top-ranked defensive tackle will make his college decision.

After talking with Brown many times in the past few years, I know the process leading up to his decision has been a tough one as he has seriously considered all five schools.

The 6-foot-4, 295-pound Brown recently talked about what appealed to him about each.

Alabama : "Overall, Nick Saban has one of the most NFL-ready programs in college history," said Brown. "I just feel like if I went to that school, I would be NFL-ready in the future."

Clemson: "I love the campus and the atmosphere is so positive. The history of the school -- the rock –- it's amazing. It's one big family down there and that's one thing I really like."

Florida State: "The campus and everything is real nice. It's real small and compact – not too big. Like Clemson, they have my major and it's a great football school."

Virginia: "It's close to home. They're establishing a foundation for the future -- getting all these young players. Another thing I really want to see is how they do within the next year because they are getting a lot of top recruits from around here and I think they have a great future ahead of them."

Virginia Tech: "They have a high possibility of winning an ACC championships because they are getting a lot of our classes' recruits, too. Plus, they have Coach Bud Foster and he's one of the coolest defensive coordinators I know and I would love to be taught by him."

So, now, the question everyone is asking -- where will he go? Most would quickly answer Virginia or Virginia Tech. Although I believe his choice will ultimately come down to those schools, imagine what the past week has been like for Brown and his family.

The constant circus that surrounds a high-profile recruit such as Brown has intensified. Each of the five schools will be making their final pitch in the next few days, hoping to convince him to become a member of their football program.


Brown is a program-changing recruit. His combination of size, speed and overall athleticism will enable him to make an immediate impact regardless of the school he chooses.

"In the end, my heart will tell me where to go…and I'm going to follow that," said Brown. Top Stories