Coach speak: Justin Falcinelli

Middletown High School head coach Kevin Lynott loves him some Justin Falcinelli, and for good reason, too.

OG Justin Falcinelli Profile

Falcinelli, who committed to Clemson earlier this week, owns a 340-pound bench press. He also squats around 500 pounds.

"He's a man. He's a man at a high level," Lynott recently told CUTigers. "I think that's what has attracted so many colleges and offers. I think that's what they like. They like that relentlessness. They like his size, his strength, his attitude.

"He is, what I say, the complete package."

Before committing to Clemson, Falcinelli fielded offers from schools like Maryland, Penn State, Stanford and West Virginia.

The No. 22 offensive guard in the class of 2014, according to, Falcinelli committed Clemson on Monday.

"As far as football goes, he's extremely coachable," Lynott said. "So the qualities that Clemson is getting, they're getting an extremely coachable kid, a kid that has been that way since the day he entered football and athletics."

Lynott added, "Clemson is getting a kid that does two things. He has extreme desire and intensity. In desire, when he has his goals focused, his desire is relentless. It's never ending, in the weight room and on the field.

"His intensity, he plays extremely intense during the game. You're asking him if he needs a blow and he looks at you like you're crazy. He could be exhausted. He's never coming out.

"He has that relentless attitude. Numerous times during every single game, he is pancaking kids. If he can't pancake them, he's trying to run after them until the whistle. He goes to the whistle all the time, no matter what opponent you're playing."

Off the field, Lynott said Falcinelli is made up of the right stuff.

"Just is a fine young man, a high character young man who is involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes," Lynott said. "He is an academic honors student, high honors, near a 4.0 average. I think he's gotten one B in his school career, one or two Bs in his whole entire school career. He's in advanced level classes." Top Stories