The center of attention

GREENSBORO, N.C. - Finally, after four years, the Tajh Boyd Show has made an appearance at the ACC Football Kickoff.

Spencer Shuey, the other Clemson representative at this year's event, couldn't help but sit back and watch just like everyone else. The scene at the Grandover Resort really wasn't all that different than the one he's watched for the last four years back in Clemson.

When Boyd and Shuey sat down in the writers' room on Sunday afternoon, most of the recorders, flip cams, eyes and ears were directed to Boyd's side of the roundtable. He sang songs, told jokes, thoughtfully answered questions and basked in the attention in only a way that he can.

The high-powered offense and its out-going quarterback continued to get most of the attention, particularly from the guys and gals huddled around the middle of the room at the Clemson players table.

Shuey, a senior linebacker who had 93 tackles last season for a defense that ranked 63rd in the country, doesn't really worry about that stuff.

"It's just exciting to get all of the attention as a football team," he said. "When it comes down to it, we're a football team. We're not offense and we're not defense, separated. We just work together and try to win as many games as possible."

It certainly helps that the team's biggest personality plays the most important position on the field. Plus, he's the league's reining player of the year, an All-American and a Heisman a Trophy candidate.

"His personality definitely fits the role as a quarterback and with the media. You couldn't ask for a better guy for the job," Shuey said.

Boyd and Shuey, both of whom were signed in Dabo Swinney's Dandy Dozen recruiting class, first met in the summer before their redshirt freshman season.

"He was the exact same then as he is now: outgoing, [will] talk to anyone. The first time I ever met him, he went up to my mom and gave her hug, just like he does anyone now," Shuey said. "He hasn't changed one bit throughout the whole process."

For Shuey, it's almost surreal to think that the process is almost over.

"It's incredibly hard to believe," he said. "We sat in the back of the room [as freshmen] and all the seniors sat in the front when we first got there. They kept emphasizing how quickly it would go by, but you never believe it. Here we are now with six months left and we'll be done.

"Definitely trying to cherish every moment."

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