Gaining Interest

Kyle Phillips out of Nashville is becoming one of the more sought after players in the state of Tennessee for the 2015 class. To learn more about him, read below.

"I play defensive end and left tackle for Hillsboro high school," Phillips added. "What we try and do at Hillsboro is play our hardest and compete every down. That is what I try to do in my game"

The 6' 4", 250-pounder goes both ways for Hillsboro but he believes defensive end will be where he plays on the next level.

"I think defensive end is where I will play in college. I compete and never stop moving my feet. I just compete until the end. That really summarizes it. I had about 15 sacks, 40 tackles, and 5 forced fumbles last season as a sophomore and I hope to add on to that this season."

Phillips visited Ole Miss recently for his first time.

"I just wanted to see their campus because I knew it was kind of in the middle of no where. I am from Nashville. I am from the city but I liked it a lot down there. There is a big difference between the big city and a small town but I enjoyed it a lot. It really surprised me."

What got Phillips interested in visiting the Rebels in the first place?

"They were one of the first schools to offer me, and I have a real good relationship with coach (Maurice) Harris. We talk just about every week. We just keep in touch to see how things are going and what camps I am going to and how I am enjoying my trips. It is kind of hard because they can't call me yet but we still keep in touch weekly."

Who else has offered?

"Tennessee, Kentucky, Duke, Vandy, Clemson, and Virginia."

Obviously Phillips must be a good student with the academic reputation that these schools carry.

"Yes sir, I have really good grades. The educational part is very big for me. You do not know when your football career will end so it is very important to get your degree and make sure your degree means something. That is very important to me and my family."

What stands out about the Vols?

"I know they have really good facilities. They are really trying to rebuild because they were down but I can see improvements."

Vandy is a school that he is very familiar with.

"My mom actually graduated from Vandy. I have never really imagined myself going there in the past but I really enjoyed it on my visit. Their academics are the best in the SEC, and they are really working hard to get the best players in the country. I can really see the growth in their program."

What does Kyle know about Virginia?

"I really have not talked to them since they offered me so I really do not know that much. I just know they are in the ACC. They said they liked my character and grades and thought I was a good player and could play for them early. That's what really caught my attention about Virginia. They think I can play early for them."

Clemson has been showing a lot of love as of late.

"I have been talking to coach Robbie Caldwell a lot. He is the offensive line coach at Clemson. We have been keeping in touch for a while. They are just trying to get me up for a visit."

Duke has followed the same pursuit as Virginia.

"I actually have not talked to them since they offered me either. I was not even there when they offered me. I was out of town. They called me and offered me but I have not talked to them since then. I know they have a great academic program and a good basketball team but that is about it."

Where all has Kyle visited?

"Tennessee, Vandy and Ole Miss but next week I am supposed to be going to Ohio State." Top Stories