Earning his keep

CLEMSON - Dabo Swinney pays Chad Morris over a million bucks a year to not be satisfied with Tajh Boyd's preseason camp.

That probably has something to do with Morris mentioning in his previous media appearance that he wasn't completely satisfied with Boyd's camp performance.

All of that aside, Morris is more than happy to have Boyd back for a third and final season as his quarterback.

"Early on, the footwork wasn't where it needed to be. He's gotten better with it. He's still not making the throws that I want him to make just yet," Morris said, after Friday's morning practice.

"I've got to still keep pushing him hard. We know what we're getting in him. We understand that. It's my job to keep him on edge. It's my job to challenge him and keep pushing him."

Morris spoke about players from other positions on Friday.

Running Back

"C.J. [Davidson] has done a good job. Zac Brooks has done a good job. Obviously, the two freshmen have definitely had their moments."

"We've really thrown a lot at [the freshmen]. At some point during this camp, they'll hit a wall. We've got to make sure they work through that…I'll tell you this: they're as violent a runner that we've got.

"It's going to be real hard for those guys -- there's some great competition going, let's just put it that way. I don't know if they'll [end] up playing. You'd like to redshirt them both this year, but those guys are grabbing a lot of people's attention."

Wide Receiver

"Everybody is getting a lot of reps right now, those that are out there. You've just got to make do. That's part of camp. You've got to push through that stuff."

"I think Charone Peake is having as good a camp as anybody right now."

"I think Martavis [Bryant] has been battling against a nagging injury, but he worked out today and did some good things today. I think he's got a great role on this football team."

"We've got to keep working without the ball. That's the thing with Martavis right now. I know what he's going to do when you put the ball in his hand. Without the ball is the challenge and we've got to keep challenging him."

Tight End

"We've got some young guys. Jay Jay [McCullough] and Jordan [Leggett] are really pushing each other. They've got a long way to go, a long way to go. They've both got to understand this ain't high school. We've got to keep working hard and keep paying attention to detail. Technique is so important right now. Tell them all the time, fatigue makes cowards out of everybody. Those young ones, when they get tired, they melt."

"[Leggett] has a body of a grown man and he's got a mind like he's still a young kid."

Offensive Line

"Giff Timothy is having a good camp. Brandon Thomas is a guy that's got to come on. We've got to push his button. He's got to really come on a little bit more…he had a decent day [Thursday]. We expect more out of him, being the leader up front."

"A guy like [Thomas] is a veteran guy. You have to rattle his cage every now and then, as you have to do all of those older guys."

"[Kalon Davis has] been a little bit of a surprise, flashed in the pan. Looks good one day, and the next day he doesn't."

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