Five standing out to elite RB

Central High School rising junior running back Traveon Samuel owns over 15 scholarship offers.

RB Traveon Samuel Profile

Among the bigger name offers are Clemson, Auburn, Florida State, Alabama, Ohio State, Tennessee and LSU.

Five of those schools make up his top five.

"Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida State [and] Ohio State," Samuel told CUTigers in a recent interview.

The list is in no particular order.

"I like all of them," he said. "I grew up an Alabama fan. Auburn is my style of offense and Clemson is my style of offense, Ohio State is my style of offense. Florida State wants me as a running back and that was my team growing up as a child."

Defensive ends coach Marion Hobby recruits the state of Alabama for Clemson.

"He came to my school during my spring training," Samuel said. "He told me how the coaches like me. Like, a week later, he told me I had an offer.

"He said to keep working and they would use me as a running back and a slot-type guy."

A 5-8, 180-pound running back/wide receiver prospect with 4.41 speed, Samuel had 83 carries for 823 rushing yards and 19 touchdowns rushing as a sophomore. He also caught 43 passes for 734 yards receiving and five touchdowns. On special teams, he had 484 return yards.

"I'm going to try to take a trip to Clemson. I'm trying to make one of those games," Samuel said. "South Carolina wants me to come up to a game, so I might try to do both, make that game then make another game at Clemson. I know I'm going to a Florida State game and the Bama and Auburn game."

Education was the first priority Samuel listed when asked what he'll be considering with a school. There are a couple of factors that he'll be looking at outside of the classroom.

"Then, I look at if I can get early playing time and how much exposure they can put out to the players, so they can get to the NFL, and winning, most of all," Samuel said. "I really just want to get to a school that gets the ball in my hands and that I can get used to, I'm used to playing in their system, like a spread offense." Top Stories