Still the one

CLEMSON - To this point in preseason camp, Dabo Swinney and Chad Morris have been hesitant in saying which center has emerged as the No. 1.

Ryan Norton was named the starter after spring ball, but reports indicated that Jay Guillermo wasn't all that far behind.

Through the first part of preseason camp, both were having trouble snapping the ball.

"They've had a better week this week," Morris said, after Tuesday's practice. "We really challenged them late last week in the scrimmage. I would say, right now, Ryan Norton is getting most of the reps at the ones. Jay Guillermo is pushing and he's getting in with the ones sometimes.

"It's still a competition going, but Ryan Norton is making a strong push right now for it."

After Tuesday's practice, Morris discussed every position but the one that Norton and Guillermo snap the ball to.

Running Back

"I think you've seen some good out of each of them. Zac Brooks is probably the one that's having as good a camp as anybody. He and Hot Rod [McDowell] is doing some good things. D.J. [Howard] is showing signs. While he's having a good camp, he just hasn't quite busted out like we need him to break out at this point, but he's doing some good things.

"Wayne Gallman continues to come on with the knowledge that he's got. While it's live action, he's definitely got some things that are happening. He's making some mistakes, but you would expect that."

Wide Receiver

"Anytime you lose a first-round draft choice, you're not going to be as good as you were a year ago at this time. But there are some really good things happening with those guys. I'm very excited about that group.

"From top to bottom, overall, I think it's a stronger group than we were a year ago at this time. We all know what Nuk brought to us and what he's done, Brandon Ford as well. There are some great things going on right now with our receiving crew. We've got to continue to stress playing without the football. That's the biggest thing."

Tight End

"[Jordan Leggett and Jay Jay McCullough] are two young guys that are going to be really good players for us. They hit a wall. They're trying to work through it. We're continuing to press them and stress them.

"This ain't time to work out friendships and all that stuff. They don't care of us right now, and that's good. I don't care -- some of the times -- for the way they play. They know they've got to continue to be pressed and we've got to continue to stress them. They either will or they won't."

Offensive Line

"David Beasley got back in without a day or so out of practice. Came back in, he's got to pick back up. Kalon Davis is doing some things."

"There are a lot of moving parts. We want to, by Saturday, to have everything settled in. We have competition at all positions. Obviously, we know what Tyler Shatley is capable of doing. Giff Timothy, we need somebody to come on and push Giff Timothy. We thought that was going to be Joe Gore. It hasn't been Joe Gore, so we're trying to make some moves that will make Giff feel a little bit uncomfortable." Top Stories