Hyatt's the top junior in the South

Eventually it became too hard to keep up with who had offered Mitch Hyatt a scholarship. Each school that saw him, let him or his coach know that he had an offer from their school. Hyatt is the top junior in the South...

If a coach from a major college has put eyes on Mitch Hyatt, then the five-star likely has a scholarship offer from the school he's employed by.

It got crazy around North Gwinnett very early in the process.

"Oh yeah, as soon schools saw Mitch, they offered him," said Coach Bob Sphire with a chuckle. "When coaches stopped by, most offered him before leaving our campus. This was last year too when he was only a sophomore. It got going early for Mitch."

The quick start came as no surprise to Coach Sphire.

"We knew early when he was coming out of our park system that Mitch was going to be really, really good. We had watched him, so we knew what we were getting when he got to the high school level. He played offensive and defensive line down there, so we knew he was big, that he was very athletic, and we expected him to be a big recruit."

Sphire and his staff were dead on. Hyatt has become that big recruit.

Being in Georgia, of course the school less than hour away in Athens offered him early. Other offers came in from Clemson, Ohio State, Texas, USC, and most schools in between.

Hyatt has connections to one school not far from home and he has family in another state. Could those two have an early lead?

"I really do not know what Mitch is thinking right now. His uncle played at Clemson and his mom is from Ohio, so Ohio State is in there because of family, but I cannot speak for him.

"He is taking a look at a lot of different schools and just going about his business. He is a pretty quiet kid that does not like the attention to be on him, so not much about his recruitment is out known."

The 6-foot-5 1/2, 278 pound junior has taken visits to numerous campus over the past six months and Coach Sphire sees his phenom as one who will commit early in the process.

"Mitch in no way seeks attention, so I think he will commit early and quietly," said Sphire. "He is a very serious young man and he will likely commit when he knows where he wants to go. He has done a lot already when talking visits, so he has a good idea about some of the schools he is interested in."

Whether the No. 4 prospect in the country commits in 2013, 2014, or 2015, barring a major catastrophe, the school he chooses is getting a star.

He has the long arms, he has quick feet, he learns very quickly, and he has all the intangibles you look for in your left tackle.

"It is hard not to like everything about Mitch. As an offensive tackle, he has size, range, feet, and athleticism. He is what you look for.

"He still plays basketball and can go out there and dunk two-handed, so he has so much upside still. Once he quits playing basketball, he will get a lot bigger, fill out, and put on that good weight.

"Mitch is just not normal. The way he is built and the things he can do don't add up. He is a special player."

Sphire is always a little hesitant when asked about a kid's future, but he was a little more giving when asked about Hyatt.

"With his size, intelligence, work ethic, confidence, feet, and toughness, he has all those characteristics of guys who make it to the NFL. You never know what will happen between now and then because it is a ways away, but he is a guy you feel pretty good about getting there."

North Gwinnett will open up their 2013 season in the Georgia Dome at the Corky Kell Classic against Camden County on August 24. Top Stories